Syntech, a South African-based CCTV and IT hardware distributor, has announced that they will be rolling out an innovative informational event in conjunction with CP Plus, aimed at their analogue CCTV resellers.

Explaining analogue CCTV:
There are many areas of safety that concern us. As homeowners, we feel the need to have a security system in place, ensuring peace of mind in the safety of our homes. As a business owner, there are shortages that occur, either within a retail environment (at the till point or in store), in a warehouse (where consumable products may go missing), or within a business (where deviant behaviour has a better disguise, but needs to be monitored to protect your assets).

Analogue cameras send video signals to a DVR (digital video recorder) which converts and stores the content in a digital format. A DVR also makes the video available to other platforms (smartphone, laptop or desktop computer). These digital recordings are often compressed in order to save the footage regularly. Most DVRs act like a network camera, allowing digital broadcasting of the video signal.

Analogue CCTV cameras have a relatively low cost up front, and are generally compatible with different types of surveillance equipment. The image detail of analogue cameras is measured in TVL (TV Lines). As each picture is made up of horizontal lines, the number lines define the quality and resolution of the picture. Initially, cameras were released at 320 and 340 TVLs.

Geoff Malkin, CCTV Manager at Syntech explains that “it’s the quality of the CP Plus analogue cameras which make all the difference. We’re moving away from the current entry level 420 and 480 TVLs and making our entry level 600 and 700 TVLs, to encapsulate quality images benefiting people in security conscious environments”. He goes on to say that “the CP Plus camera systems are technically easy to install and operate, while retaining sophisticated technology, which enables Syntech to offer clients scalable solutions according to their requirements”.

Ryan Martyn, a director of Syntech, said “the CP Plus event will focus on demonstrating Syntech’s CCTV product range, as well as techniques for our resellers to deliver more value through their CCTV installations. We are committed to building strong relationships with our reseller partners and working with them to provide better solutions for the consumer”.

Established in 2002, Syntech’s comprehensive inventory list enables resellers and retailers to procure all of their CCTV, PC and Apple hardware from one source, with a focus on professional storage and high performance products such as CP Plus, Thecus, ATTO, Sonnet, G-Tech and SanDisk, amongst others.