Since its release, Vector SSDs continue to earn countless praise and awards from around the world, outpacing leading solutions on the market. The proprietary Vector Series delivers an industry-leading solid-state storage solution for the high-end consumer, gamer, and workstation user.

Just as Syntech and OCZ are committed to offering the highest performance SSDs to our customers, we also strive to deliver the greatest value-add features to make our solutions even more exciting to a wide range of enthusiasts, gamers, and prosumers.
For a limited time, Syntech and OCZ are offering a free FarCry 3 download with new purchases of the Vector 256GB and 512 GB SSD. FarCry 3 is a popular first-person PC game from Ubisoft, known for its exceptional game play, rich graphics, challenging missions and compelling story.

Ryan Martyn, director of Syntech, a specialist IT hardware distributor, comments: “It’s incredibly exciting to partner with OCZ in an added value incentive to resellers and consumers. The Vector offers a faster, more responsive computing experience, and the free download of FarCry 3 offers exceptional added value.”

The OCZ Vector is available at Syntech. Visit Syntech at for more information.