Netstor Technology has announced the release of a Thunderbolt PCIe expansion box, desktop 16 bay and rackmount 16 bay storage. These cutting-edge products use Intel’s revolutionary I/O technology with Netstor’s extensive researching and manufacturing expertise that delivers innovative, highly versatile expansion platforms for PCIe cards expansion and storage solutions. Netstor are developing additional Thunderbolt devices to expand an already comprehensive product portfolio. Additionally, the TurboBox™ and professional-grade storage with Thunderbolt™ technology released by Netstor present numerous new possibilities for Mac and PC users.

“Thunderbolt™ delivers unparalleled performance, flexibility and simplicity to personal computing.” said Jason Ziller, Intel’s director of Thunderbolt Marketing, “Products like Netstor’s new PCIe cards expansion box, TurboBox™, and desktop, rackmount storage for Audio/Video professionals help highlight what Thunderbolt makes possible.”

Netstor Thunderbolt PCIe and storage solutions are ideal platforms for the development of high-performance and scalable solutions for applications such as video editing, post-production, digital content creation, data archiving, and shared SAN networks.

“Thunderbolt creates many new opportunities for users worldwide.” says Brian Yu, Deputy General Manager of Netstor Technology “The application of Thunderbolt technology is identical with Netstor’s core value, that is, bringing practical, cutting-edge, and innovative PCIe expansion and storage technology to the worldwide markets.”

Introducing Netstor Thunderbolt Products

The TurboBox™ NA211TB
The Netstor Thunderbolt PCIe expansion box, TurboBox, is a versatile, cost-effective platform for attached the diverse third-party PCI Express cards including video capture card, audio DSP card, and RAID card for computers such as MacBook Pro and iMac. The Thunderbolt™ technology from TurboBox simply connects/daisy-chains to all your high-speed storage, high-resolution displays and other devices with a single cable.

The 16-Bay Thunderbolt Desktop Storage NS780TB
The Netstor Thunderbolt 16-bay desktop enclosure, NS780TB, is a most stylish, innovative storage that provides ultra-fast data connectivity to host while providing the opportunity to let users choose their own favourite RAID HBA to be incorporated into the 16-bay storage. The 16-bay Thunderbolt storage is ideal for combination with Netstor TurboBox NA211TB to work with computers such as MacBook Pro and iMac. The Thunderbolt™ technology from NS780TB is the fastest connection to your computer at 10Gbps, which amplifies your laptop/computer experience by providing unparalleled performance, simplicity, and flexibility.

The Thunderbolt™ 3U 16-Bay JBOD Enclosure NA333TB with PCIe Expander
The Netstor 3U 19” rack-mountable solution, NA333TB, is a leading-edge Thunderbolt solution combination of 16 bay storage and PCI Express slots expansion, providing up to 10Gpbs fastest connection to Thunderbolt host and enabling the host workstation such as the tiny Mac mini server incredibly powerful. Even make Mac mini server work under Xsan architecture, it’s easier than ever to attach mass capacity storage and 8G Fibre or 10G networking PCIe add-on cards to Mac mini server just through a single Thunderbolt port.

Netstor products are available in South Africa from Syntech (