Syntech, a South African based IT hardware distributor, and Panasonic, one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world, announced the launch of the Toughbook and Toughpad at a media and reseller get-together on Thursday. The new Toughbook and Toughpad are practically indestructible, and are engineered to withstand drops, spills, dust and grime, and to perform in the harshest environments. Rugged reliability, low cost of ownership and accolades from reviewers are just a few of the reasons why Toughbook computers keep winning over the world’s toughest users.

The Toughbook’s hard disk is protected by special shock absorbing material (dampers), and the main body is made from impact resistant magnesium alloy. The tough design of the main body is tested to withstand falls from about 90 cm even in challenging environments. When moving from one location to another, there is no need to worry about putting the PC in a case. You can just take it with you as is.

Free-fall tests onto a concrete surface (while operating) were conducted to simulate what can happen during hand-held use. The case surface is partially made from elastomer resin to alleviate external shock. Inside the case, a sandwich construction is used in which the main circuit board is protected on both sides by magnesium alloy frames. The end result is a rugged body that makes it difficult for vibrations to reach the circuit board, even if shock is applied due to dropping.

The design features seamless sealing all around the body and a splash resistant keyboard. Even the connectors are protected by a metal door with a rubber seal. The computer resists the entry of water or dust from any direction.

The frequently used connectors (LAN and USB) are protected from the inside by sealant. For the other ports, a metal door with a rubber seal provides protection against the penetration of water droplets and dust. The connector sections are also protected against impact damage after falling.

The Toughpad is the first fully-ruggedized, fearless tablet powered by Android 4.0, combining high-encryption data and device security with the seamless connectivity and enterprise-grade technology businesses and government agencies require. The FZ-A1 is the only tablet that is FIPS 140-2-compliant with a dedicated security core for data encryption and includes preinstalled drivers for approved smart card readers. Engineered to perform in any environment, the FZ-A1 remains the unscathed, undefeated champion of rugged tablets with the unmatched reliability and low maintenance that makes it the industry’s flagship rugged mobile computer.