ATTO Technology, Inc. and Netstor are pleased to announce compatibility between the Netstor 5U 48-bay 6G SAS Expander storage, NS390S-8026, and ATTO’s FastStream™ SC 9000 Fibre Channel to SAS/SATA RAID controller. The seamless integration of ATTO’s RAID storage controller with the NS390S-8026 allows users to quickly access large storage capacity via speedy 16Gbps FC ports, sustaining bandwidth up to 1300MB/s that supports 4K video file transfers and is qualified for storage to serve as a data center with RAID protection over a high-speed Fibre Channel SAN.

The Netstor 48-bay SAS Expander JBOD is a large high-density mass storage with the highest performance that ensures long-term data reliability, integrity, and stability; the NS390S-8026 also features SAS daisy-chain function supporting multiple enclosures with capability of growing capacity up to 128 HDDs. Also, ATTO’s Fibre Channel to SAS/SATA RAID controller enables real-time operations that require low latency for high-performing collaborative workflows. Easy to set up, the FastStream SC 9000 may be combined with Netstor SAS Expander JBOD to make 16G Fibre Channel connectivity immediately available to the NS390S-8026.

“When paired with Netstor’s Expander storage, ATTO’s next-generation Fibre Channel and SAS solutions solve the highest bandwidth demands for media and enterprise markets,” said Wayne Arvidson, Vice President of Marketing at ATTO. “FastStream is the first shipping 16Gb Fibre Channel RAID controller in the marketplace, and when coupled with Netstor products, customers can be assured they have a proven high density, RAID protected solution that allows them to scale their storage as they grow.

In addition to the compatibility between NS390S-8026 and FastStream SC 9000, the 48-bay 6Gbps SAS Expander storage is also fully compatible with ATTO’s ExpressSAS™ series of SAS/SATA RAID adapters, Fibre Bridge™, and rackmount FastStream SC 8550 RAID controller to meet customer demands and requirements in various storage environments and to bring users reliable, high-performance data storage solutions.

“ATTO is a leading provider of storage and network solutions for users in the computing industries,” says Brian Yu, vice president of Netstor. “The quality both ATTO and Netstor offer does meet the standard of today’s environment of higher performance. All the worldwide distributors also highly recommend the combination and collaboration between ATTO’s Fibre Channel to SAS/SATA storage controller and Netstor’s high-density storage for fast SAN applications.”

Netstor and ATTO products are distributed in South Africa through Syntech. You can connect with Syntech in the following ways: