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Micron has been conservative both in technology and timing, but are now pleased to announce the arrival of the MX300. The MX300 is an affordable SSD based on 3D TLC NAND, making the MX300 a tough competitor in the marketplace.

So, what makes the MX300 so special? It has all become about doing everything faster, becoming more efficient and ensuring durability.

Instant performance

The MX300 will increase the speed, durability, and efficiency of your system for years to come. Boot up in seconds and fly through the most demanding applications with an SSD that fuses the latest 3D NAND flash technology with the proven success of previous MX-series SSDs. Your storage drive isn’t just a container, it’s the engine that loads and saves everything you do and use. Get more out of your computer by boosting nearly every aspect of performance.

Reach read speeds of up to 530 MB/s

Now you can reach read speeds of up to 530 MB/s and write speeds up to 510 MB/s1 on all file types allowing you to boot up almost instantly, reduce load times, and accelerate demanding applications with ease. Plus, their Dynamic Write Acceleration technology uses an adaptable pool of high-speed, single-level cell flash memory to generate blistering speeds throughout the drive’s long life.

Who wouldn’t want to be over 90x more energy efficient?

The MX300 reduces the amount of active power usage that is consumed by the drive and extends your battery life by using only 0.075W of power, compared to a typical hard drive which used 6.8W

Entrust your files to a drive that will last

With an endurance rating of up to 220TB total bytes written, the Crucial MX300 is engineered with Micron 3D NAND to deliver years of fast performance. The 3D NAND leverages larger NAND cells to improve performance and prolong endurance.

Keep your system cool

In addition to lower active power usage, Adaptive Thermal Protection technology dynamically adjusts storage component activity. This helps keep your system cool and minimizes the risk of damage caused by overheating.

Boost drive performance by up to 10x with Crucial Storage Executive3

This downloadable tool is easy to use and helps monitor and enhance the performance of your Crucial MX300 – update to the latest firmware and enable the Momentum Cache feature in Storage Executive to instantly improve burst performance.

Over the years, Crucial has built a reputation for delivering top performing SSDs, thus cementing Crucial as a go to choice for top performing consumer-based non-volatile storage solutions.  The Crucial MX300 is backed by the same quality and innovation that has produced some of the world’s most advanced memory and storage technologies. With over a thousand hours of pre-release validation testing and hundreds of SSD qualification tests, the Crucial MX300 has been thoroughly tried, tested, and proven. You’ll notice the difference.

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