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With a combination of 42 teams entering to compete for the R50 000 CASH prize pool, split across 2 titles, Battlefield and Dota, these teams had everything to play for!

Both titles, Battlefield 4 and Dota 2, saw the top 2 teams of each respective title battle it out for the number one spot, in a best of 5 matches.

The Grand Final ended things off in spectacular fashion last night.

Battlefield saw PuLse Evolve take on SvG Infamous in a pretty intense match, where PuLse were crowned Champions again winning the match 3-0.

We were joined by international commentator and shout caster, Milosh Themedic and the viewers were spoiled with some amazing commentary and camera work.

Not forgetting our local super caster, Spitzkop who has covered the bulk of all out matches!

This tournament saw some major upsets and we have to give a mention to ALG Vanguard for maybe being the underdogs of the tournament, beating favourite teams like PEW Battlefield and PuLse Elevate and placing a respectable 3rd place as the result.

Well done to all the teams that made top 5 in another successful tournament, and thank you to everyone who has supported the streams and their favourite teams!

The top 3 teams for the Battlefield tournament are as follows:
1st Place: PuLse Evolve
2nd place: SvG Infamous
3rd Place: ALG Vanguard

We saw 2953 video views during the Ballistix Masters for Battlefield alone which is quite a spectacular number of views.

Dota 2 saw a whole new arrangement of top 4 with some major upsets and twists taking place. This has been one exciting tournament to follow that’s for sure!
White Rabbit Gaming took on Energy E-sports in the grand finale, playing a best of 5 as well, White Rabbit Gaming managed to beat eN 3-1 and are now crowned as our new Ballistix Masters Champions.

Our matches were covered by  Kaameel Chicktay who has really been a rock star and a reliable caster for the tournament, we thank you and all the viewers for the support!

The top 3 teams for the Dota 2 tournament are as follows
1st Place: White Rabbit Gaming
2nd Place: eN E-sports
3rd Place: Bravado Gaming

Thank you to the sponsors, Ballistix, Crucial, Antec and Redragon for their support and ongoing upliftment of the local South African Gaming Community