With the rapid growth of the gaming community and gaming technology, Syntech decided to venture out and grow their gaming range. Introducing Sparkfox, industry leaders in gaming accessories. The Sparkfox range offers accessories for PS3, PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch, bringing you epic designed controllers (both wired and wireless), changing docks for controllers, controller grips as well as arcade controllers (for all those Tekken and arcade games).

Furthermore, Sparkfox has another range called MadCatz, specialising in Gaming controllers, mice, keyboards and Gamepads. Their designs go beyond and above, with epic graphics and styling of products.

About Sparkfox:

Sparkfox was formed in 2010 by a group of professional gamers who wanted to create innovative, as well as top class products that really enhanced one’s gaming experience. Sparkfox are industry leaders in providing peripherals, specialising in PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch. Sparkfox is a large company with over 500 employees, supplying a multitude of gaming categories. Their products are all uniquely designed, displaying the products unique quality and persona. Innovation is key to the success of Sparkfox, creating products for Gamers Who Play to Win!

Some of the Sparkfox products:


  • Sparkfox Arcade controllerCalling all arcade gaming fans, Syntech has heard your call and will be introducing the Sparkfox arcade fight stick controller. The Sparkfox Arcade controller has the perfect arcade controller layout, with a Vewlix style containing 8 buttons and a fighting stick. Enjoy all your favourite arcade fighting games such as Tekken and mortal combat. Go old school!

  • Sparkfox Race Wheel – Are you the next Valtteri Bottas or Lewis Hamilton? Do you love the thrill of the race? The Sparkfox Racing wheel is the perfect accessory for your Nintendo Switch. Effortlessly convert your Joy-Con into a steering wheel and enjoy playing racing games such as Mario Kart and Fast RMX.



  • Sparkfox Madcatz controller (PS3/PS4)Kick, punch, grapple, and fireball your way to victory in the tournament-ready FightPad PRO. Built for fighting gamers to wreak havoc on the opposition, this Street Fighter controller puts complete character control in the palm of your hand. Execute precise combos with a genuine six-button arcade layout anchored by a fighting-style D-Pad and multi-purpose analogue stick.