For the first time ever Ballistix Masters will take place over a period of 6 months where the finals will be held in July between the top 2 teams in Battlefield and in Dota. With talks of the finals taking place at a LAN tournament in Gauteng, this is sure to be one of the most anticipated LANs for 2018.

The Ballistix Masters is not new to the block as it started 3 years ago as a small gaming event known as the Crucial Cup, it was rebranded last year to the Ballistix Masters. This year Syntech decided to go big or go home by making it a full-on league. With the help of Stephen de Witt, they plan to host the finals at a LAN Championship in Gauteng (LAN event to be confirmed).

The main sponsors this year is Crucial / Ballistix with added support from Redragon and Antec. These brands are known for their involvement in the gaming community and have given away prizes to the value of R400 000 over the past 3 years.

Get pumped, be ready, this is going to be one epic event! We hope to see a record number of teams register for this. Stephen de Witt – Co-organizer


WHEN? (Battlefield and Dota)

·         The Ballistix Masters will open registrations on 1 December 2017 and will close registrations on 24 January 2018.

·         Leg 1 of the league will kick off on 1 February 2018, everyone will be in an “open division” and will start with an equal seeding.

·         The first leg will come to an end on 1 April 2018, where the top 12 teams will be promoted to FIRST DIVISION and all remaining teams will occupy the open division.

·         We will also be opening a second REGISTRATION PERIOD on 1 April, if any new or additional teams wish to enter the open division.

CS:GO will compete in an online tournament for 2 months. CS registrations will open the 1 December 2017 and close on 24 January 2018.

The online tournament will kick off on 1 February 2018.

HOW? (Battlefield and Dota)

·         The league will consist of 2 legs and a playoffs stage.

·         At the end of leg 2, the top 8 teams in the FIRST Division will qualify for the championships by default.

·         PLAYOFFS – The top 8 teams in the open division will face the bottom 4 teams from the first division.

·         Making up 12 teams competing in the Championships playoffs in a double elimination bracket.

·         The two teams from the playoffs will qualify for the Championships as well.

CS:GO will consist of a round robin group stage leading to a double elimination (8 teams) online bracket.

WHERE? (Battlefield and Dota)

POSSIBLE LAN – We are looking to partner with an existing LAN tournament in Gauteng and will have confirmation on the possible LAN championships ASAP. The Championships will, however, take place in July 2018

Prize pool announced!

With CS:GO being an online, new and shorter event, it remains a cup title and  for this reason, the prize pool will be a bit less. As for Battlefield and Dota, this is the largest prize pool we have had to date.

Battlefield and Dota has a potential LAN CHAMPIONSHIP (TBC) in the pipeline which will be announced and confirmed early next year (2018). The top 10 teams per title will be invited to the LAN championships.


Prize breakdown

CS:GO – online – R30 000

1st: R15 000

2nd: R10 000

3rd: R5 000

Dota 2 – R60 000

1st: R25 000

2nd: R15 000

3rd: R10 000

4th: R5 000

5th: R3 000

6th: R2 000

BF4 – R60 000

1st: R25 000

2nd: R15 000

3rd: R10 000

4th: R5 000

5th: R3 000

6th: R2 000

We would like to thank our partners for this incredible cash prize! Be sure to check out our partner’s page for more details and check out our social media pages for awesome prizes along the way. Stephen de Witt – Co-organizer