The Ballistix Masters League 2018 is coming to an end with the final being the LAN championships that runs from the 12th to the 15th of July. The Esports scene is booming in South Africa – and by 2019 it is estimated that 427 million people will be watching eSports worldwide.

This year saw the Ballistix Masters run a league over a period of seven months and allowed 188 registered teams (1316 players) to enter and attempt to qualify for the LAN championships.

The qualifying teams competed for a seeding position, with the top 10 teams per title being pushed through to the championships, where they will compete head to head, over a four-day period, to decide who the ultimate champions are. The Ballistix Masters teamed up with the local LAN event “LANX” to host the finals at their annual expo.

This means this years LAN final will have an awesome space for spectators, security, and food stalls. The LANX event typically hosts up to 500 gamers over the weekend – and this will be combined with the 100 qualifying players for the Ballistix Masters LAN final – all set to give us a one of the greatest events on the eSports calendar in South Africa.

The championships start with each title having two groups of five teams (round robin). After the group stages are completed, the top four teams per group will be seeded into a double elimination playoffs bracket until only two teams remain for the grand finale. The majority of the matches will be broadcasted live from the event by two official casters (Jubba and Spitzkop) – who will be giving live commentary. The LAN event starts on Thursday the 12th July and ends on Sunday 15th July. There will be an official photographer to capture all the moments – and action photos of the teams doing what they do best.