Syntech have supported the local gaming and esports community with a variety of tournaments over the years. In 2015 they hosted the Crucial Cup, which transformed into the hugely successful Ballistix Masters (running from 2016 to 2018).  In 2019 Syntech has returned to bring you their biggest tournament yet; with a new name, new partners, and an all new look.

Welcome to the Syntech Masters

The rise in popularity of the Ballistix Masters over recent years has seen renewed focus on supporting “grass roots” development in esports in South Africa. The Syntech Masters puts fresh focus on development of the local scene, along with the aid of partners that share Syntech’s passion of growing esports in South Africa from the bottom, up. Mettlestate, with their track record of successful tournaments, quality production and emphasis on inclusion at all levels of esports, aligned well with Syntech’s goals. Mettlestate also provides the admin power and facilities to be able to run a multi-titled tournament. It therefore comes as no surprise that Mettlestate have partnered up with Syntech to become the official tournament hosts for the Syntech Masters!

Barry Louzada, co-founder of Mettlestate, is excited for the new partnership.

Mettlestate is constantly trying to find new and exciting partners to help forge the future of South African esports. Syntech, with its brands, community and passion for gaming, made for an obvious choice. The Syntech Masters is sure to be a ‘first of its kind’ event in South Africa, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store!”

Craig Nowitz, Managing Director from Syntech, added,

“Syntech remains steadfast in our commitment to aiding the growth and development of the esports scene in South Africa. Many of our exciting gaming brands have returned as key sponsors for the Syntech Masters. These include big names like Crucial, Ballistix, Redragon and Antec. They’ll also be joined by T-Dagger, a relatively new gaming peripheral brand in the South African market. The Syntech Masters is, at its heart, about empowering local gamers and providing a platform that allows them to perform to the best of their abilities.”

The Syntech Masters will cater to two titles, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, with over R150,000 in cash and prizes split across the two titles. Each title will be split into two divisions:

  • Open Division – The Open Division, with its focus on uplifting newer teams, is designed for the less experienced squads to get in practice and build their knowledge against other local sides, all while fighting it out for over R60,000 in awesome hardware prizes.
  • Premier Division – This is the professional league where players will be fighting for spots to a uniquely-styled finals LAN event that features R90,000 in cash prizes across both titles.

The Divisions will be decided by a preliminary qualifier, and will be followed by a group stage shortly thereafter. Once the group stage has concluded, the top four teams from each title will go through to the LAN event, set to take place in and around the Mettlestate Studio.

“The Summit” Style LAN final will see the Mettlestate couch as it has never seen before, with the top local pro players taking a seat and casting the matches as they happen. This rarely-seen player insight always provides unique views, opinions and ways of thinking about the game, all with a bit of banter along the way.

Sign-ups will be done through the Mettlestate website, and CS:GO players will also need to be a part of the Mettlestate ESEA Club in order to take part.

With awesome hardware and prizes up for grabs, a LAN final and even more on the cards, there is no reason not get involved. So grab your friends and enter your team to experience a truly unique Syntech Masters esports experience!

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