The 3rd annual Ekasi Tech Fest takes place between the 28th and 29th of June 2019 at the Soweto Theatre, South Africa. The event is one-of-a-kind in South Africa – bringing esports, gaming and cutting-edge technology to Soweto. The Ekasi Tech Fest will also feature R20,000 in prizes across titles such as FIFA, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). There will also be spot prize giveaways, arcade gaming corners and a variety of exhibitions for attendees to enjoy.

The Ekasi Tech Fest is an i-Village Foundation initiative that was built from the ground up to focus on the gaming and esports community in Soweto. Its aim is to create an environment that promotes gaming, tech and esports in South Africa. The event also hopes to increase the level of esports awareness amongst local gamers, improve its participation and inspire future talent.

Redragon, one of the leading PC peripheral brands in the country, has just partnered with Ekasi Esports and the Ekasi Tech Fest. “We are thrilled to launch our event with great partners such as Redragon,” says Mpho Tladi, i-Village COO and member of the Ekasi Tech Fest organizing committee. “The esports and gaming community is incredibly unique. With this event, we hope to create an experience unlike any other in Soweto.”

Redragon has kitted out the official Ekasi Tech Fest CSGO tournament with PC peripherals and gaming chairs, while also making sure that there will be ample Redragon loot available as spot prizes for some lucky event attendees. Syntech, the exclusive distributors of Redragon, have also sent along some MadCatz FightPad Pro PS4 Controllers to the event. This loot is already earmarked for some of the fighting game competitors, but attendees could also go home with a controller to call their own before the weekend is over.

“At Syntech we’re incredibly passionate about developing communities and finding brands that add value to the lives of our customers. At the same time, we also want to ensure that our products remain accessible for the majority of South Africans. Redragon really ticks all of these boxes,” says Ryan Martyn, co-founder of Syntech.

The Redragon product range is designed and built with every type of gamer in mind; from amateurs to enthusiasts and even competitive players. Over the years Redragon has continued to support local gamers while assisting the development of an engaged and inclusive gaming community in South Africa.

“The gaming market in South Africa has traditionally been dominated by a small, but hyper-engaged, group of enthusiasts. Ekasi Esports has bucked this trend by doing a phenomenal job of engaging with the wider gaming community. The Ekasi Tech Fest, by extension, goes a step further and actively breaks down the barriers to entry which have traditionally made the latest cutting-edge technology inaccessible for a large majority of South Africans,” adds Martyn.

“There are clear synergies between our approach and what we’ve seen over the past years from Ekasi Esports. We’re really excited to be able to work together and help them achieve their goals.”

This partnership will also equip teams playing under the Ekasi Esports banner with Redragon peripherals and gaming chairs. Syntech is Ekasi Esports’ 4th sponsor, joining AOC Gaming, Debonairs Pizza, and Nexus Hub. Co-founder of Ekasi Esports, Gabriel Ramokotjo added, “We are extremely proud to welcome Syntech and Redragon as official 2019 sponsors. This partnership will ensure stability for our players and enable us to grow in the coming years. It’s another step towards solidifying Ekasi Esport’s position as one of the most recognized brands in esports.”

Tickets for the Ekasi Tech Fest Esports Tournament are R80 for a day pass, R150 for a 2-day pass, and R250 to participate in the FIFA 19, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V tournaments. Tickets for the event are available at or any Pick n Pay outlet throughout South Africa.

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