Local tech distributor Syntech has partnered with 1MORE, a leading globally distributed consumer audio company on a mission to become a leading international headphone brand. 1MORE was born with a profound mission: Music lovers, young or old, frugal or affluent, deserve to hear music as it was meant to be heard, as the artist intended it to be heard.

Before launching 1MORE, the brand’s founders were already at the forefront of innovation – having incubated the touchscreen technology used by Apple and Kindle. This commitment to innovation and quality continues to imbue all of their products.

“We are delighted about launching 1MORE in South Africa. The Audio market is very competitive, but there is something very special about this brand,” says Ryan Martyn, Co-Founder of Syntech.

1MORE specialises in acoustic design and development, smart software and wearable audio products. The brand has shipped over 65 million headphones globally in over 28 countries since its creation in 2013.

Thanks to scrupulous engineering, streamlined manufacturing, and an authenticity to audio fidelity 1MORE products are able to provide peerless yet affordable luxury. This consistency delivers clarity, comfort, power, and passion with every meticulously crafted product.

Hearing your music through 1MORE headphones is like hearing it for the first time, featuring hyper-realistic detailed sound with silky highs, precise mids, and deep bass. Nothing should come between you and your music.

The hallmark of the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality is the many awards their products have garnered over the years. 1MORE products have received multiple industry and design awards including prestigious CES Innovation awards, RedDot, iF Design awards and other major industry accolades.

1MORE recently received the CES 2019 Innovation Honoree Awards for its Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphone, and its Spearhead VR BT In-Ear Gaming Headphones. “1MORE has consistently achieved the perfect mix of innovation, quality and accessible price points with its products. This has helped the brand to claim its place as a market leading global audio brand,” added Martyn.

The 1MORE Acoustic Research Center cooperates with acoustic experts and four-time Grammy-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi, ensuring professionally tuned audio. This also facilitates focus on innovative developments in Nanometer-grade speakers, innovative driver materials, hybrid ANC with adaptive tracking capabilities, HRTF (Head Referenced Transfer Function), and 3D recording.

1MORE’s product offering is refined into five distinct ranges; HiFi, Stylish, Gaming, Fitness, and Classic. Each range features a distinct take on traditional headphone requirements whilst maintaining a dedication to innovation.

For instance, the HiFi range features the Quad Driver E1010 In-Ear Headphones – the world’s first THX® Certified headphones. Conversely, the Stylish range features the Stylish True Wireless E1026BT-I Qualcomm® aptX Bluetooth 5.0 In-Ear Headphones.

Syntech sources industry-leading technology products from around the world and offers resellers the growth opportunities associated with supplying these directly to local consumers.

“This is exactly why we chose Syntech to become our exclusive distributor for South Africa. Their commitment, dedication and passion to work with all types of up and coming and established brands is second to none. We’re very confident in Syntech’s ability to help educate both their partners and end-users who 1MORE really is, and what we stand for in the market. We’re really excited to show people what they’ve been missing out on,” said Tom Rawes, EMEA Marketing Director of 1MORE.

Syntech’s exclusive range of quality products is available to resellers, via a simple online application on the company’s website.

For more information about 1MORE’s mission to build and deliver superior quality headphones at amazing value, please visit us online: 1MORE & Syntech.

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