MSI, the global gaming giant, has appointed local tech company Syntech as a distributor for South Africa.

MSI has been a consistent pioneer of the global gaming and creative communities.

The brand is regarded by many as one of the most trusted names in gaming and esports.

Syntech will initially offer a range of MSI graphics cards, motherboards, and monitors; expanding the range in the coming months.

Syntech has earned a reputation for building brands and developing markets.

As gaming in South Africa continues to evolve, accessibility to technology will remain a key factor driving future growth.

Syntech and MSI are ideally placed to unlock the untapped potential in the local market.

Niel Campbell of MSI said, “Syntech has a passion for IT and gaming specifically, which fits in well with the MSI brand strategy. MSI has for a long time noticed how Syntech has immense focus on the brands they develop. We believe this is a start to a powerful partnership and you can expect big things to come in 2020!”

Over the past few years, Syntech has developed multiple gaming brands in South Africa, including Redragon, Antec, Crucial, and Ballistix.

Craig Nowitz, the Managing Director of Syntech said, “Our gaming brands have accrued a very loyal following in the local community. With the addition of MSI to our portfolio, along with direct access to AMD and Intel, Syntech is, for the first time, able to supply the market with a complete solution of all essential components and peripherals.”

MSI is dedicated to empowering gamers and creatives by developing innovative technologies that suit almost every need.

MSI’s customer-centric mindset steers the direction of its R&D resource deployment and makes its globally acclaimed product offering possible.

The MSI range of products isn’t just for the elite gamer, but has tailored solutions to suit specific needs.

MSI’s determination to surpass past achievements, combined with a pursuit of excellence and a focus on community building, is in concert with Syntech’s vision. It’s this natural synergy that makes the partnership even more powerful.

Ryan Martyn, Syntech’s Marketing and Sales Director said, “We are very excited about this partnership with MSI. Syntech is looking forward to enabling our resellers to provide more value and better service to the South African market.”

Syntech believes in delivering the latest and greatest innovative technology helping resellers to differentiate themselves.

“MSI feels like is a perfect fit in the Syntech portfolio, complementing many of our existing brands,” added Martyn. “Working with the channel to grow the market is a big focus for us in 2020.”

View Syntech’s range of quality products on their website. To become a reseller simply complete the online application here.