Last week the South African National Department of Health accepted a donation of 60,000 3-ply surgical face masks from local tech distributor, Syntech Distribution.

The donation with an estimated value of R850,000 based on government accepted surgical mask rates, will be used to protect medical professionals on the frontline. “[The masks] will go a long way in assisting the Department in flattening the curve and prevent the spread of the disease,” says Dr A. Pillay, Acting Director-General of Health.  

Since March Syntech has been facilitating the distribution of large-scale bulk imports of high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) into the country. The company pledged to donate 10% of the proceeds from orders of face masks placed via their website. “Our objective was to make a meaningful difference in South Africa while servicing the private sector with essential medical equipment,” says Ryan Martyn, Co-Founder of Syntech. The company has teamed up with The Click Foundation to assist with Section 18A certificates for organisations wishing to donate equipment. They hope to donate one million masks for those in need.

While Syntechs core business focus has been the sourcing and distribution of electronic equipment, they have utilised their existing infrastructure to source the necessary medical gear at reasonable pricing. Craig Nowitz, CEO of Syntech said, “We had been watching the epidemic unfold in China and knew that we had to assist.”

After the Presidents announcement of lockdown being moved to level 3 on the 1st of June 2020, many businesses have re-opened. Understanding that this may lead to rising infection numbers, the provision of masks is now vital to minimise the spread of the virus and thus the burden on the healthcare system. At the same time, Syntech’s drive to raise a million masks is now more important than ever; to ensure those caring for infected individuals are well protected.

As we go into level 3, we urge those in need of masks for their families, staff, and customers view the full range of medical equipment available at and support those on the frontline by buying or donating. Our range of personal protective equipment currently includes high-quality certified JMTO 3-ply single-use and Ruida KN95 civilian face masks which offer 95% efficacy against particulate matter such as viruses & bacteria.

In addition to PPE, Syntech’s medical range also includes the Simzo non-contact infrared thermometer which allows for measurement from 5-8cm away for less than 1 second. It has a warning beep to indicate a high temperature and a backlit LCD (Red, Green, & Orange) to make things even simpler. Furthermore, for those in need of sanitiser in large doses for around the home; school; office and shop, the Bactrojell Bactericidal Sanitising Gel provides protection for up to three hours and HanSanX 70% Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser can also be ordered through Syntech for sanitisation on-the-go.