MSI, AMD, Redragon, Crucial and ACGL are proud to announce the 2021 edition of the #MythicRoyale for Fortnite tournament series. For the rest of 2021, local Fortnite players will have a number of opportunities to compete for cash and products via ACGL.

For 2021, the core sponsors of the 2020 edition of the #MythicRoyale have been joined by technology company AMD.

“With AMD onboard alongside Crucial, MSI, and Redragon, the latest season of the #MythicRoyale will support and reward the local Fortnite community with not only essential peripherals, but the most advanced components for an incredible gaming experience.” – Craig Nowitz, Syntech CEO.

The 2021 edition of #MythicRoyale also brings some changes to the 2020 format. Every two-month tournament cycle will feature the main cash event, as well as incentivised weekly standalone cups and matchfinders, offering players of all skill levels an opportunity to win.

Mythic Royale 3

Registrations are now open for Mythic Royale 3 which will run throughout March and April. Four custom lobby qualifiers will culminate in a grand final with R15,000 up for grabs. So grab your team and sign up for the Trios series now.

You can also sign up and compete for cash in the regular weekly cups offered on either Tuesday night or Saturday afternoon on ACGL. The Fortnite matchfinders will also offer incentives in the form of products from the sponsors. These will be awarded to the monthly leaderboard winner, the player who completed the most matches and a random draw winner. Prizes in March include RAM, PC coolers, SSD and more.

That’s not where the winning ends with #MythicRoyale and its sponsors. For every match completed via the ACGL site, players will be rewarded with Embers. These Embers can be used to enter Mythic loot random giveaways. The more you enter, the higher your chances of winning.
In 2021, there are truly more ways to win while playing Fortnite than ever before. #MythicRoyale is open to all Fortnite players across all platforms (PC, Console, and Mobile).

“We were delighted with success of this tournament last year and look forward to being a part of the new season which promises to be even better. I’d like to extend our appreciation to Crucial, MSI, Redragon and now AMD for their continued investment into the South African gaming community.” – Ryan Martyn, Syntech Co-Founder.


The following dates have been set for the Mythic Royale 3 main event:

Each month’s finale will be streamed live via the ACGL YouTube channel.

The weekly cash cups will start on 23 March 2021, with the March Matchfinders already underway. Keep your eye on ACGL’s social media for further cash cup announcements, and get yourself competing for prizes in the Solo and Duo Matchfinders.

To follow or talk about the series, please use the campaign hashtag: #MythicRoyale.

For more information about the #MythicRoyale tournament powered by MSI, AMD, Redragon and Crucial, including dates and rules, or the registration page, please visit Registration is open right now.