The beginning of any year generally marks a time when we all start setting goals to improve various aspects of our lives and making plans to achieve those goals.

Be it health, educational, social, or professional goals, your smartphone should be a handy tool to achieving or at least managing the achievement of your goals.

Whether you are a student preparing for the academic year, starting a new job in a big corporate, an entrepreneur needing an office on the go, or a content creator capturing the latest trends and traveling for brands – your smartphone should complement your lifestyle and optimise your experience.

In 2022 we can all agree that no longer are smartphones just tools of entertainment and making phone calls, but an extension of who we are. They help us manage our schedules, health and fitness routines, our businesses, finances, and academics as well as to connect with the rest of the world.

Premium smartphone brand TECNO, which is designed for the young and young at heart, the go-getters, movers, and shakers of Mzansi, believes that your smartphone should meet the demands of your lifestyle. The brand not only celebrates but also supports the ambitions of the progressive mavericks and digital natives whose lives revolve around their smartphones.

Below are the key features suggested by the brand for buyers to look into to flourish in the year ahead:

  1. Battery without question tops the list. Your smartphone should always be ready to go when you are. Gone are the days of waiting for hours for a 100% full charge. You should be looking at a smartphone battery of at least 5000mAh with fast-charging capability.

Power-saving is also the latest technology to ensure long-lasting battery life.

  1. Memory: As progressive mavericks, we lead busy lifestyles and are multifaceted. The space and memory on your device should be enough to store thousands of photos, videos, and all of the apps you need to manage your life.

Consider a device that provides at least 64GB of ROM and 3GB RAM, for seamless multitasking and smooth video playback giving you an uninterrupted and effortlessly smooth experience.

SD card capacity is also a good way to ensure that you never need to worry about running out of storage space.

  1. The operating system (OS) is the brain of your smartphone. It controls all of the functionalities and capabilities of your device. A good OS enhances your user experience, so make sure your device runs on Android 11. This is the latest and most efficient operating system currently available in the market for Android.

Refresh rates of a minimum 90Hz will mark the difference between lagging, sketchy screen, and fluid screen movement.

  1. If your camera is not at least 8MP front selfie camera with a flash and at least 16MP quad flash rear camera, you are missing out.

Also to consider is the AI rear lens. Artificial intelligence camera technology is the future. It allows your camera to mimic the human eye and gives you clear and fresh-looking photos. This is a content creators’ dream for agile and advanced camera technology.

  1. Last but certainly not least is the price point. No, cutting-edge technology no longer needs to break the bank. A budget of R1999 can afford you a device that marries the latest technological innovations with cost-efficiency.

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