TECNO Mobile is giving its Facebook followers the opportunity to win awesome prizes as the brand uses the month of March to celebrate the right to self-expression through poetry and of course, our most prized possessions – our smartphones.

Self-expression is an empowerment tool that is essential to human freedom. It allows us the freedom to receive information and share ideas as well as the freedom of artistic creativity amongst other things.

Premium smartphone brand, TECNO Mobile, is running two competitions in the month of March via its Facebook page which are both themed to self-expression, and you stand a chance to win various cool prizes.

The lucky winner for the first competition, Ray Ella was announced on 14 March. The competition was themed to celebrate self-expression through poetry. To enter, one simply had to go to the TECNO Facebook page and create a short poem using the word “TECNO”. For bonus points, entrants also had to make sure to like and share TECNO’s competition announcement post, tag their friends and of course, ensure they hit those poetic rhymes.

If you missed the first competition, worry not, you have another opportunity to enter the next competition which runs between 16 – 21 March.

Competition 2

Our smartphones are arguably our most important tools of communication in today’s world. They keep us connected but more importantly, they have become important tools of self-expression in all its varied ways. A simple example is how we are able to recreate ourselves and explore the world through all of the creative functionalities of our smartphone cameras.

Here is how you can enter: simply go to the TECNO Mobile Facebook page, tell us how your smartphone helps you to express yourself. Again it is essential that you follow the TECNO Mobile page and tag your friends to qualify.

Stay tuned to the TECNO Facebook page to catch the competition when it goes live.