As South Africa celebrates Human Rights month, we explore how our smartphones enable authentic self-expression and the value of inclusive camera technology in ensuring all smartphone users feel represented while also embracing augmented reality features.

We have seen how the advent of the ‘selfie’ has evolved photography – from simply capturing memorable moments in our lives, to allowing us to uniquely express our individuality in various scenarios.

The African fashion industry has also transitioned and harnessed the value of authentic self-expression. In the last decade alone, modern day fashion trends have become infused with the diverse African cultures, patterns and textiles, which continue to influence global trends.

However, Mobile camera users still find themselves often faced with the challenge of having their authentic features and skin complexion altered when taking pictures, with an image that hardly reflects how they actually look.

This is a particularly common phenomenon in the African market, where smartphone technology tends to either lighten or excessively darken darker skin tones, amongst other things, which contributes to the shrinkage of beauty standards that exist globally.

Premium brand TECNO Mobile, which has recently launched its global-flagship-selfie-device in South Africa, the CAMON 17P, is particularly committed to inclusive camera technology. Through its enormous database which covers seven skin types and 76 skin categories, the brand made significant strides towards solving gaps between fast-developing mobile camera technologies and the actual needs of consumers in various situations, so as to best meet the unique needs of local users.

“Our smartphones are arguably our most important tools of communication today, they have also become invaluable tools of self-expression in various ways. It is important that we are able to remain our authentic selves while enjoying the diverse creative functionalities.

We are strong advocates for the representation of varying standards of beauty and aim to provide opportunities for users in emerging markets to authentically self-express themselves through our products,” Zikona Captain, TECNO PR Manager, South Africa.

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