TECNO, a global innovative technology brand, will soon launch its first-ever foldable smartphone, PHANTOM V Fold, on February 28 at MWC Barcelona 2023, featuring an advanced flagship screen developed by TECNO and advanced display technology giant TCL CSOT, in a joint laboratory of the two technology brands.

In July 2022, TECNO and TCL CSOT officially established a joint laboratory, reinforcing the long-running partnership between the two brands. Demonstrating a shared vision for the future of the industry, the laboratory will have a strong focus on innovation to meet customer needs, with both brands placing a strong emphasis on the value of research and development. Calling on their unique capabilities, the commitment to future collaboration is driven by a shared ambition to create the most advanced high-end devices for users worldwide.

PHANTOM V Fold’s Flagship Dual Screen Delivered by the Joint Laboratory

PHANTOM V Fold will feature a stunning 120Hz LTPO high refresh rate flagship dual screen. Harnessing TCL CSOT’s technical knowledge, the device delivers outstanding screen experience in both standard smartphone and unfolded large-screen setups. TECNO’s self-developed technologies will also deliver a screen which when unfolded creates an ultra-flat, virtually crease-free surface to provide immersive and remarkable large-screen visuals.

Representative at TCL CSOT shared: “It’s been a pleasure working with TECNO as part of our joint laboratory, focusing on new ways to revolutionize the smart device experience. As a leader in screen and display technologies, we have been able to share our comprehensive expertise during the development of the PHANTOM V Fold, and I am looking forward to the future of the collaboration.”

A Future Rollable Device in Development

With the imminent release of PHANTOM V Fold, TECNO and TCL CSOT are already looking to the future of their collaboration, pursuing new ways to deliver more immersive and impactful smart device displays. Notably, a successor to PHANTOM V Fold is already in the pipeline, with its release slated in 2024.

The new model is expected to feature TECNO’s self-developed Pattern 2.0 crease optimization, ensuring any screen crease would be almost non-existent. The phone’s screen layering is also predicted to be approximately 20% thinner, while TCL CSOT’s PLP technology would further enhance the device’s offering.

Elsewhere, TECNO and TCL CSOT’s advanced research and development is continuing to lay the groundwork for another large-screen device, namely a rollable smartphone with an extendable and retractable screen. Plans for the device would see it equipped with a screen-rolling motor, creating a large-screen display with no folding necessary. The resulting display would therefore have no screen crease at all and would deliver a supremely flat screen for immersive work, entertainment and every-day use.

Discussing TECNO and TCL CSOT’s attitude to advancing the user experience, Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO said: “Our partnership with TCL CSOT is built on a mutual vision for the future of smart devices, with innovation leading the drive for the ultimate user experience. I’m delighted that we will soon launch our first foldable smartphone, PHANTOM V Fold, and in preparing for its successor, we are underlining our confidence in the future of this partnership to continue delivering unparalleled results for our global audience.”

Leveraging their extensive combined expertise, TECNO and TCL CSOT are also set to deepen their collaboration in future, with both brands committed to uncovering the best technologies to reimagine the smart device user experience.

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