Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagram and wished that you could take selfies that are as amazing as theirs? While the pros make it look easy, capturing a stunning selfie that lives and breathes a moment in time and expresses true beauty is actually an art form. It takes the right combination of many different factors. Here are TECNO’s top tips to help you snap your next Instagram-worthy pics.

The Right Lighting

Taking advantage of natural lighting is first prize, but if you’re in a situation where that’s not an option (think a night out at the club with friends or an intimate evening get-together with family) then making sure you have enough lighting in the right places is crucial. Facing the light source, rather than having it behind or off to the side of you, is the best way to ensure that you are illuminated to the maximum.

A Beautiful Location

While the primary focus of selfies should be the subject (aka you), a breath-taking background never hurts to complement a shot. Check to see what’s behind you and whether there’s a better place you can stand or sit that enhances the setting of your pic. Spin around and assess your options. And while you’re at it, be sure to check for any embarrassing items in the background as well (reflections in mirrors can be dangerous!).

Flattering Angles

Taking a selfie with an upward angle towards your face is never going to be the most flattering. It’s best to look up at the camera/have an upward angle when shooting. The pros also don’t look at the camera head on, rather turning slightly to the side. However, it’s up to you to pick which side of your face is your best side.

Fun With Filters or a Natural Look?

Editing your selfies after taking them could add just the touch you need to take your shots to the next level. Filters are a simple way to change a pic for the better without too much effort. But sometimes it’s better to just keep the natural picture, showcasing your true beauty rather than touching it up.

Widen the Frame for Group Shots

Gone are the days of needing everyone to squash closer together for group pictures. Wide angle mode is the clever solution to ensure that everyone is included in the frame. Be sure to turn this mode on when needed, and don’t hesitate to explore other available photo and video modes and the benefits of each of them.

Effortless Selfies With the SPARK 10 Series

Instead of worrying about all the previously mentioned elements, why not let technology do the work for you? To assist you in crafting stunning selfies effortlessly, which others will be jealous of, TECNO recently brought the SPARK 10 Series to South Africa.

Described as the most powerful high-performance selfie phone in its price range, SPARK 10 Series has hardware and software specs and features to make shooting superb selfies easier than ever before.

These include a 32-Megapixel front camera on the SPARK 10 Pro with 4-in-1 HW Remosaic technology, perfect for capturing those Instagram snaps in crystal clear detail, while SPARK 10 5G and SPARK 10C boast 8-Megapixel selfie cameras. All of these devices’ front and rear cameras have a Dual-LED flash setup with a three tier, adjustable flash intensity. This means that no matter where you are or the lighting conditions, you’re always able to create the perfect selfie.

Any overexposure is immediately corrected by the Super Flashlight Algorithm to achieve a balance of brightness between the background and the subject, while concealing your blemishes and accentuating your beauty. All of this makes the SPARK 10 Series the lighting pro in your pocket when it comes to mobile photography, allowing you to glow as your are.


SPARK 10 Pro and SPARK 10C are available in South Africa from select TECNO retail partners, including Vodacom, Edgars, and TFG, (availability varies per retailer and per model) for a recommended retail price of R6,999 for SPARK 10 Pro, and R3,499 for SPARK 10C.

Alongside the SPARK 10 Series, TECNO also brought the SPARK GO 2023 to the country. Special deals of only R1,999 for SPARK GO 2023 can be found at select retailers, including TFG, Jet, Edgars, Mr Price, Game, PEP, and Ackermans in June (availability varies per retailer and while stocks last). SPARK GO 2023 can also be found at other select TECNO retail partners.

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