Following hot on the heels of TECNO introducing many new devices in the South African market; including SPARK 10 Pro, SPARK 10C, SPARK GO 2023, and POP 7; fans will soon be able to get their hands on the SPARK 10 5G.

On sale in the country from July, this model promises to bring faster network connections and less latency when it comes to connectivity. This means high-intensity activities on your phone like gaming, streaming and meetings become seamless.

Dive into a new world of premium connectivity and experience faster upload and download speeds, a major positive for anyone who uses their phone for pretty much everything in their life.

The Rise of 5G in South Africa

In recent times, 5G has been a hot topic in the news and a key focus point for tech companies and mobile operators. As society has shifted with more people hopping online for work and personal purposes, everyone is starting to see the value of the high-speed connections that 5G brings. With most forecasts predicting that the rollout of 5G will continue to accelerate in future, getting a 5G device now seems to be the smart move for most people.

More Than Simply 5G

It’s not only 5G that makes TECNO’s SPARK 10 5G an attractive option for South Africans. The device comes with more impressive features and specs including large storage capacity; to ensure you never run out of space on your device, a large LCD; to offer an amazing viewing experience for all your favourite content and mobile games, a long-lasting 5000mAh battery, and Memory Fusion Technology.

This technology draws unused read-only memory (ROM) and channels it for random access memory (RAM) operations. This enhances the device’s multi-tasking capacity, allows for seamless switching between applications that are running concurrently in the background, quickly retrieves frequently accessed files and apps, and stabilises the phone’s systems for more sustainable performance and longer battery life.

The TECNO SPARK 10 5G will be available from select TECNO retail partners including Vodacom (availability varies per retailer and while stocks last); and is priced at a recommended retail price of R5,499. The device will also be available on contract from select retailers.

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