Advances in technology keep pushing user experiences to new heights, and this is no different for audio solutions. The quality of earphones, speakers, earbuds, and freelaces has improved immensely, and like with any technology is getting more and more affordable as time goes on. But how do you start selecting the best audio solution for you to use with your phone? Here’s some guidance from TECNO to assist you.

The Great Debate

While crystal-clear sound quality, with the ability to play around with settings such as bass, pitch and tone, is one of the most important factors to consider, there’s a great debate amongst headphone users. Do you use wired or wireless? Each type has its pros and cons, but most importantly it’s about which you are most comfortable wearing. The same can be applied to the in-ear versus the over-the-ear question when it comes to headphones. Comfort is paramount when choosing a type, especially if you are going to be using them for long periods of time.

Durable and Stylish

Having to replace products far too often is annoying and that’s why you’re looking for an audio solution that is hard-wearing. Fraying of the plastic casing on the wires or the wires themselves in wired headphones is irritating, while wireless ones are sometimes small enough to lose and then step on. Look for quality earphones that will last a while. The same goes for a portable Bluetooth speaker. If you’re using it at home, children or pets could accidentally knock it off the table, or if you’re taking it with you on your travels, dropping it may become a reality. Durability is key.

Perhaps another consideration for you is how they look. Do they match your outfit? Do they look stylish? Do they add a pop of colour to your attire? And speaking of colour, different colour options just add another decision. Perhaps your favourite colour or a more generic white or black? Similarly, does your Bluetooth Portable Speaker match your décor at home, or add another element to it?

Other Factors to Consider

Price is always top of mind when buying something, especially when it comes to tech products. Great value for money is always appreciated, and if the audio solution is top quality at a price that doesn’t empty the bank then that’s preferable.

For wireless earphones, battery life also needs to be checked. Fewer things are worse than listening to your favourite song or podcast and then your earphones die and you have to stop listening to recharge them. Wired earphones come with the advantage of not requiring charging, but they do drain a bit of your phone’s battery, though not significantly.

One final factor to think about is connectability, particularly regarding audio solutions that rely on Bluetooth. You don’t want to be fiddling around downloading apps just to get your audio product to work, when plug and play or connect and play functionality is so much more convenient. However, having an unreliable Bluetooth connection that needs to keep being reconnected can spoil the fun.


TECNO has a range of audio wearables and accessories, including the TECNO Sonic 1 Active True Wireless Earphones, TECNO Buds 3, and TECNO Square S3 speaker. These are available from select TECNO retail partners, including Edgars, Mr Price and Vodacom (availability varies per retailer and per model and while stocks last), for a recommended retail price (RRP) of R1499,  R399 and R449 respectively.

Aside from audio solutions, TECNO also has a range of other smart tech products, available from select TECNO retail partners (availability varies per retailer). These include the TECNO Watch 2 (R999 RRP), TECNO 4G Portable WiFi TR109 router (R699 RRP), Snow Robot Home Security WiFi Camera TH300 (R999 RRP), 3 in 1 USB cable (R99,90 RRP), and Type C and Micro USB cables (R69.90 RRP each).

TECNO will continue to look to add more devices to its accessories and wearables range available in South Africa, with a powerbank looking to be introduced in the near future.

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