While the look of a phone catches the eye of people at a glance, what often doesn’t get acknowledged is what’s happening inside the device. Just like the multiple parts under a bonnet that power a car, quality chipsets, sufficient RAM and ROM, and long-lasting batteries in cellphones drive maximum efficiency and high performance. This translates to a seamless and superior user experience. Let’s unpack these various tech specs.

The Engine of the Phone

Starting with the chipset, this represents the engine of the phone. It plays a part in every function of the device, including the display resolution, graphics, camera capabilities, battery charging speeds, and connectivity, and drives the all-round device performance. Depending on what is prioritised as the main functions of the phone (mobile gaming, or high quality photos, or high speed browsing etc.), a chipset will be selected that best matches the needs. For example, the MediaTek Helio G88 chipset in the TECNO SPARK 10 Pro uses an octa-core processor featuring two Arm Cortex-A75 CPUs operating up to 2GHz, to enable quick responsive reactions and intelligently improves operational smoothness, which enhances gaming and entertainment experiences for users.

The Power of RAM and ROM

The amount of random-access memory (RAM) and read-only memory (ROM) that a device has also contributes to how it performs. The larger these numbers are, the better performing the phone. TECNO and itel always strive to bring larger RAM and ROM with their devices than similar ones in various price segments. For example, SPARK 10C from TECNO comes with 128GB ROM.

The newer phones from both TECNO and itel also come with a technology called Memory Fusion. This draws unused ROM and channels it for RAM operations. By allocating more storage to RAM, this boosts the device’s performance by enhancing multi-tasking capacity, allowing for seamless switching between applications that are running concurrently in the background, quickly retrieving frequently accessed files and apps, and stabilising the phone’s systems for more sustainable performance and longer battery life.

Enough Juice for Everything

Speaking of battery life; larger, long-lasting batteries accompanied by fast charging capabilities also provide an enjoyable user experience. itel P40’s unbelievable 6000mAh battery translates to three days of use from a single charge with standard use. If you use your phone more sparingly, preferring instead to occupy your time with other important things, then the phone can last for over two weeks on standby mode. Not only is the battery larger than ones found in other phones in the same price segment, but it’s larger than ones you’ll find in some flagship phones, meaning you could spend ten times the price of the itel P40 on a flagship model and still get worse performing battery life.


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