For most people, a quick scroll through the gallery on their phone will reveal just how much they use the camera to capture photos and videos. Whether you are a content creator or someone who just wants to snap memories of things around you in life, a phone is the perfect tool to do so. It is with you wherever you go, and nowadays the high quality of the camera setup on most phones makes for some incredible pictures and videos. Some might not be as Gram-worthy as others, but they help to remind you of the happy memories and moments in life. Here are some tips from TECNO and itel about how to get the most out of mobile photography.

Let the Tech do the Work for You

You don’t have to be a photography expert to take quality pictures and videos. The technology contained in the mobile camera setup does a lot of, if not all the work for you. One such example is TECNO’s SPARK 10 Pro, which boasts a 32MP front camera with three-tier adjustable brightness flashlight, so that you’re able to capture stunning selfies no matter where you are or the lighting conditions around you. There are also numerous settings and filters that you can choose from to enhance your pictures and videos. Play around with these to see what results you can achieve.

Find the Right Setting

Just as important as the tech behind photos and videos is the content and location where you shoot them. The right background and setting can naturally enhance their appeal and beauty without too much effort. When you are at a venue check out the options you have and choose one that is going to help your photos and videos pop! Something vibrant, colourful or quirky that will be attention grabbing.

Back Up With Cloud Storage

Even though TECNO and itel phones have enough storage space for pictures and videos, for added peace of mind it is recommended that you backup these with cloud storage. If something does happen to your phone (think lost, stolen, broken), your pictures and videos will still be accessible as they are in the cloud. There are various options to choose from, some free and some paid-for, but this is a valuable resource to take advantage of.

Watch Tutorials to Learn More

There is no shortage of tutorials around mobile photography on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Google. Everything from framing, unpacking technical settings, and choosing the right content, to behind-the-scenes tips, and creative ways to create content, there’s plenty of teachings and inspiration to draw from. Browse through these and learn about different ways to shoot content that you may not have thought about before, or new things about the tech that you aren’t too familiar with.

More Than Just Photos and Videos

You may not realise, but your mobile camera isn’t for just taking photos and videos. You can also use it to scan documents, and TECNO’s camera setup has Google Lens incorporated into it, which has several functions. These include helping you with homework, finding more information about products, and translating documents. Simply scan your camera over the document or product and watch as more information becomes available.


TECNO devices are available from select retail partners, including Ackermans, Dunns, Edgars, Game, HiFi Corp, Jet, Makro, Mr Price, PEP, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, TFG, Vodacom and Woolworths (availability varies per retailer per product and while stocks last).
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