Artificial intelligence (AI) keeps getting smarter and smarter and is being integrated more and more into people’s lives. The aim of this is to bring more convenience, ease, and a seamless experience to many daily routines and tasks.

TECNO, the innovative technology brand with operations in over 70 global markets, not only recognises this, but has actively been researching and developing the AI capabilities and functions of its smart tech. The brand’s new SPARK 20 Series smartphones (SPARK 20C, SPARK 20, SPARK 20P, and SPARK 20 Pro 5G), which are becoming available in South Africa, use AI in many ways to enhance the user experiences of these devices.

Letting the Tech do the Work for Content Creation    

A great place to start is with the AI built into the camera setup on TECNO devices to enhance photos and videos. Content creation has never been easier, with an AI CAM mode meaning the tech does all the heavy lifting. Auto-detecting scenes in pictures in real time, this mode modifies settings automatically to capture the best possible image quality. The AI smart beauty effect, along with a host of other AI settings, are also available for both photos and videos to enhance natural beauty without the user needing to fiddle with settings.

Other AI tools that TECNO boasts for its photography include AI Portrait Enhancer, which caters to diverse skin tones using generative AI technology, and AI Eraser, which allows for the easy removal of unwanted objects from photos. These enhancement features cater to diverse user needs and ensure high-quality photos and videos in any scenario.

The AI tools are complemented by the hardware of the camera setup on the phones, which includes dual flash on both the front and rear cameras, as well as powerful lenses.

Longer Phone Usage with AI

AI has also been incorporated into the battery system of a TECNO phone. This translates into longer usage of the device, as the AI technology learns phone usage patterns of a user and optimises the battery’s power output to boost longevity. If a user primarily utilises their phone in the evening after work, then most power will be made available for then, so that time spent watching series or playing games isn’t cut short. This can also be done manually, but why bother playing with settings when the technology does it already?

Using AI to Personalise a TECNO Phone

If a TECNO device user is feeling creative, then they can personalise their device with an AI wallpaper generator that comes with the phone. Stepping away from pre-determined templates and themes, this AI tool allows the imagination to run wild. The user simply types in what they are looking to create, for example a dog playing in a field, chooses the style for the wallpaper, and watches as the generator creates the wallpaper based on their idea. Such personalisation has become the new norm, and this AI tool works magic.

A Smart Personal Assistant

Another great example of AI initiatives from TECNO is Ella 2.0, a newly revamped, multi-language AI assistant. Offering tailored support for users through voice and text, tasks such as web searching and note-taking are more efficient and personalised on TECNO devices. A key feature of Ella is AI voice recognition, which means that no matter the accent or tone of a person’s voice Ella will understand what is being asked. With continuous development and revamping taking place with Ella, the functionality and services of this personal assistant will only continue to increase and be more refined as time goes on.

With AI undeniably being a core part of technological development and innovations in future, TECNO will continue to look to shape the future of smart living through its dedication to innovation, inclusivity, and excellence. AI will be one of the key focus areas for the brand, specifically looking to make AI and AI-powered advancements more accessible to more people.


TECNO’s new SPARK 20 phone is available from select TECNO retail partners, including Edgars, TFG and Vodacom for a recommended retail price of only R6,999.

Other TECNO devices, including the new SPARK 20C, and SPARK GO 2024, are also available from select retail partners, including Ackermans, Dunns, Edgars, Game, HiFi Corp, Jet, Makro, Mr Price, OK Furniture, PEP, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, TFG, Vodacom and Woolworths (availability varies per retailer per product and while stocks last). These for a recommended retail price of R2,999 (SPARK 20C) and R1,999 (SPARK GO 2024). The SPARK 20P and SPARK 20 Pro 5G will be available in the country in due course for recommended retail prices of R4,999 and R10,999 respectively.

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(The aforementioned AI features and tools are not necessarily available on all TECNO phones and their functionality may vary – dependent on phone model).