Sacha Matulovich, sales and marketing director for Connection Telecom

By Sacha Matulovich, sales and marketing director for Connection Telecom

As business owners consider the many challenges facing them, technology will undoubtedly provide some of the answers (and efficiencies) that they are so actively seeking. Cloud-based platforms and solutions have emerged as among the smartest and most seamless ways for business owners to quickly achieve the gains and efficiencies that their business strategies demand. Below are five key reasons for every business owner to move their telecoms to the Cloud…

1. More Control

By shifting certain systems and processes to the Cloud, such as embracing a Cloud PBX system, business owners can take back control. Whereas key data such as usage, billing, time spent on calls, dropped calls, etc., used to be laborious and hard to access, business owners can access this information from the Cloud within mere seconds. In addition, they can turn certain services or functions on and off as they see fit, and scale usage up or down according to changing business requirements.

2. Enhanced Efficiency

Every business owner is constantly concerned with cost savings and efficiencies, and Cloud-based platforms and systems enable them to streamline and monitor usage at the click of a button. All too often, businesses end up paying for products and services that they simply don’t need or use, which creates pointless wastage for enterprises that simply cannot afford it. With a Cloud PBX, for example, businesses will not pay for a system designed to serve 100 employees when they only have 10. Instead, they will only pay for what they are using, with the option to scale up or down as the business demands.

3. Inherently Future Proof 

Given the relentless pace of change and disruption that characterises the modern business environment, every business (regardless of size or sector) needs to adopt a future proof strategy. Naturally, part of being future proof requires embracing technology that is inherently agile, nimble, and constantly evolving. Cloud-based systems and platforms are naturally future proof, in that they are dynamic and able to quickly integrate innovations and solutions that have yet to be invented. Indeed, a Cloud PBX system automatically gives business owners access to an ‘open source’ environment in which technology is constantly becoming more sophisticated – and in which they can quickly absorb and integrate new developments into their own systems and processes (without the headache of new hardware, staff, training, etc.)…

4. 100% Service Oriented

Unlike product-based businesses, where the incentive is purely to sell business owners more stuff – regardless of their true needs (and future needs), Cloud-based service providers and businesses are purely service oriented. Their current and future success relies entirely upon being able to keep customers up and running around the clock. When customers sign up for Cloud services or platforms, they have the option to cancel at any time, and are usually not locked into long-term contracts. As a result, a Cloud PBX provider, by way of example, is 100% focused on serving the customer and building a long-term, service-based relationship.

5. Fast Growing Feature Set

When shifting systems and processes to the Cloud, business owners are automatically buying into services and features that are constantly improving and becoming more sophisticated by the day. Unlike products and hardware, Cloud-based systems and solutions do not become obsolete in a year – they simply become smarter and more efficient. Cloud PBX systems, for example, are being refined and enhanced all the time, according to feedback from customers and evolving business needs.