If there is a better way of doing things, we’ll find it! Connection Telecom was started in 2004 by visionaries who wanted to shake up the way business telephony is done. We challenge the incumbent operators’ artificially high voice prices by dynamically seeking the least cost route between mobile (GSM), fixed line voice (PSTN) and the Internet Protocol.

Our team has impressive credentials in IP technology development, traditional and cloud communications, and proven business success in our industry. As pioneers in IP PBX, our mission is to free businesses from high costs and vendor lock-ins: to truly enable communication without constraints.

Our executive management team:

David Meintjes, managing director

David is a qualified Chartered Accountant who holds a masters degree in Business Management from the University of Johannesburg. He has been a key Internet business player from the start, serving as FD, Commercial Director and CEO of UUNET SA, the first commercial ISP in South Africa in 1996. After serving as COO of software development company Korbitec Holdings, David became chairman of Connectnet and Connection Telecom. From January 2010 he took up an operational role in the business to support its rapid growth phase.

Stephen Davies, co-founder and technical director

As one of the founders and pioneers of the commercial Internet industry in South Africa, Stephen has an exceptional understanding of technology and its ability to solve real-world business challenges. With experience in developed and developing markets, he has been both a user of and key contributor to open-source projects. These have included the Linux kernel, audio/video applications (Mplayer, MythTV), and the Asterisk PBX and VoIP switch.

Rob Lith, co-founder and director

Co-founding Connection Telecom in 2003, Rob Lith is an ICT industry heavyweight and Internet specialist who has been involved in the industry for the last 20 years. His lifelong interest in technology has contributed to his in-depth knowledge of Internet markets, technology and products. Rob and Stephen Davies have long been collaborators, since their days at Internet Africa, which became UUNET, then WorldCom and now Verizon.

Sacha Matulovich, sales and marketing director

While deploying a call centre division in his business, Sacha discovered the FatBudgie Cloud PBX and realised the potential of this product for the South African SMME market. Sacha made an investment into FatBudgie and took up the role of CEO. Connection Telecom acquired FatBudgie in 2014. Sacha is respected as an energetic marketer with a customer-centric approach. He heads up sales and marketing for Connection Telecom and remains CEO of the FatBudgie business.