three6five fires up Cybersecurity division to provide technical security expertise to all market segments
Dec 4th, 2017

In response to growing market demand, three6five has launched a dedicated security division, designed to assist clients in solving the increasingly complex cybersecurity threats that they face in their daily business dealings.

“We have always offered security products and services to our customers. We as three6five are proud of the fact that we have deployed approximately 3 700 firewalls over the past three years and will continue to grow that number in years to come. We have noticed that the demand for these services has increased dramatically over the last few years,” says Tyrone Carroll, CEO of three6five. “We have now dedicated specialised resources, in the form of both trained engineers and blue-chip technologies, to this end and have created a fully-fledged Cybersecurity division.”

According to the founder of SSP Blue, Hamanshu Nigan, the global cybersecurity market is estimated to grow to approximately USD170 billion by 2020. It is also estimated that the global cloud IT market’s total revenue will increase from USD180 billion in 2015 to USD390 billion in 2020.

“three6five’s ongoing success is based on our ability to develop economically viable solutions that address our customers’ needs, while keeping up with the changing demands of the ICT market,” says Carroll. “The launch of our Cybersecurity division reflects that flexibility and environmental awareness, and we are excited to bring these products and services to market.”

Noticing that true cybersecurity specialists are few and far between, three6five has bolstered its new division with security experts in its Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban offices. However, as many of the security products it offers are available remotely, these services can easily be offered to its customers across Africa.

The basket of products includes standard security items, from email and firewall security, through to more technical offerings such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. Speciality facilities include forensic services, policy writing and cybersecurity business strategy. Companies can choose to use the entire basket of products, or select the ones they require.

In addition, the company has included its three6five Academy into this basket of products, as awareness and training are critical to successful security implementation. Academy director and cybersecurity specialist Corien Vermaak points out that companies of all sizes need to be aware of threats and be able to identify them, as well as the implications of the upcoming release of the Protection of Private Information Act (POPIA) and Cybersecurity Acts in South Africa.

“Awareness of these issues is becoming increasingly critical to companies of all sizes,” says Vermaak. “Smaller companies, who think that they are secure by merely having surface-level security on board, are probably most at risk. A ransomware attack, for example, can leave a small company vulnerable and on the hook for a large amount of costs and stress to sort it out.”