Three6five appoints new exco members, makes leadership changes
Jan 14th, 2019

Local systems integrator three6five has announced changes to its executive committee line-up.

The CEO role will be shared by current incumbent Tyrone Carroll and former COO George Stylianou.  “We are not a “traditional” company in that we follow the usual corporate structures,” says Carroll. “Whatever we need to do to make our company a better place to work in, and to be more efficient, is what we will do to make that happen.”

As founding members of the company, Carroll and Stylianou will split the CEO role between them to ensure comprehensive coverage of executive duties.  “In effect, this is formalising what has been in practice for years, as we have always made decisions as a team,” says Stylianou. “This will provide additional coverage, support and redundancy as needed.”

While both will focus on core functions such as finance and strategy, Carroll will concentrate on team member development and HR, while Stylianou will continue to lead the drive towards improved engineering quality and enhancements.

Former Cape Region director, Nick Treasure, takes up the role of CIO and will be the customer-facing technologist. In addition, he will have the task of enhancing internal systems and will work with the Vendor, Marketing and Communications team on company messaging.

As COO, Anton de Beer will focus on daily operations, handle customer assurance and quality assurance, and will mentor team leaders. In addition, he will focus on internal operation systems.

Adam White, former lead of the company’s Cybersecurity Division, will take the reigns as CTO. His roles will include research and development, with a specific focus on innovation, standards and technical advancement. He will develop and maintain company engineering policies and procedures and will also assist the Vendor, Marketing and Communications team with vendor engagements.

These updates are in place with immediate effect.