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February 2017
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Future of Making Things comes to life at CTIAF.

Feb 28th, 2017

Curated by Animation SA, the fifth edition of the festival (previously called Kunjanimation) brings South Africans the chance to catch some of the world’s top animated feature films and an exciting range of masterclasses and workshops with global industry leaders including Autodesk specialist, Dane Chapman leading the Future of Making Things session.

In today’s climate of rapidly rising consumer expectations, tight deadlines, and shrinking budgets, it is important for animation industry players to stay competitive.

The industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with significant disruptions in cloud, 3D-printing, virtual reality, mobile and social technologies that are impacting how films, TV, and games are made now and in the future.

While these technologies offer a near-infinite amount of creative possibilities, they also introduce new complexities to already overtaxed creative pipelines.

With this in mind, Autodesk sits at the forefront of streamlining creative, collaborative workflows that will allow for greater experimentation with these technologies.

Autodesk’s solutions are more intuitive, connected, powerful, scalable and accessible than ever before – from Maya, 3ds Max new versions of Shotgun and Stingray.

The expanded flexibility tools offer is enabling new and seasoned artists to more easily navigate these changes and the challenges, so they can continue telling great stories, without compromising quality

To consolidate the knowledge from the session with the practical experience, participants of the festival will have a chance to experience an Award-winning software MAYA at the Autodesk/Touchvision stand and get a chance to win tickets for AUx 2017.

The 2017 CTIAF is not to be missed, for more information visit CTIAF website.

To get R100 discount, please visit Touchvision website.