Data 2020: Unlock efficiency

Feb 18th, 2020

The World Economic Forum has predicted that the digital universe will reach 44 zettabytes by 2020. That, according to the organisation, is more bytes than there are stars in the existing, observable universe.

An infographic by Raconteur puts some staggering numbers onto this size – 500 million tweets a day, 294 billion emails a day, and 65 billion messages sent on WhatsApp.

It’s an estimated volume of 212, 765, 957 DVD’s worth of data every, single day by 2025. The business is looking at an influx of data that has to be managed, stored and analysed properly in order to deliver any level of value.

“Many companies are sitting with highly valuable data but they’re not sure how they can turn this into meaningful information for the business,” said Dirk Meerkotter, business intelligence specialist at Turrito Analytics.

“They want to optimise their data and streamline business processes so that they can drive business growth but the sheer volume of data amidst the noise of a market packed full of offerings makes it difficult to find the right way forward,” said Meerkotter.

Business intelligence tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI, Flow and SharePoint have been developed to help organisations tap into their vast lakes of data and siphon out the insights that are relevant to them.

These tools can be used to improve data management and to shift the conversation away from the how of data towards the why. Why is it valuable? Why will this help my business? Why is the customer behaving this way? Why is that product selling so badly? Why am I unable to optimise my sales?

“These market-leading business intelligence tools, with the right expertise, can unlock data for companies and give them access to advanced reporting and insights,” said Meerkotter. “They basically make data smarter so that organisations can become smarter in their decision making.”

These tools can be used to build customisable and interactive dashboards that helps employees find the data relevant to their roles and key performance indicators. This can be further enhanced for the business managers that can align the information with business objectives.

It’s a far cry from the Excel spreadsheets that many companies are still using to capture important information and submit monthly reports. Spreadsheets that are complicated, prone to error, and time consuming. By automating this process, companies can capture disparate data sources in one place and quickly assemble reports and dashboards that are packed full of relevant metrics.

“You don’t need a lot of training and skills development to take advantage of these types of data and business intelligence tools,” explains Meerkotter. “They are accessible and insightful and can be easily shared across the business. This ease of use not only empowers the user but also makes implementation easier.”

Automating the processes will also be able to connect to on-premise and cloud-based data sources for real-time information that can be used to develop live and interactive reporting and visuals. Dashboards can be customised to provide a 360-degree, real-time view of the business.

This makes it easy to pinpoint problem areas, reshape business processes and develop more relevant strategies. This, in turn, improves workflows, boosts collaboration, streamlines document management and hands the business the keys to the artificial intelligence kingdom.

“Of course, one of the most important checks in favour of this type of investment is compliance,” says Meerkotter. “Many companies are not paying attention to POPI and GDPR and this means that they face risks. Compliance is necessary, non-compliance is costly. You need to work with a company that offers you a solution that embeds compliance into its framework so that your business has peace of mind.”

Turrito Analytics is a powerful blend of Microsoft’s Power BI, Flow and SharePoint technologies designed to deliver all the benefits of data without the risks.

The solution not only ticks the boxes of data insight, real-time analyses and ease of use, but Turrito Analytics collaborates with your business to build the perfect platform for your unique needs.

“We work with companies to put structured data management systems in place so that data is stored and protected,” concluded Meerkotter. “We partner with you to help you become globally competitive while remaining compliant. Our solution weaves together the best in class solutions and our expertise makes sure that they deliver.”