Technology-19: How tech can transform business

Apr 7th, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has become a global conversation. Corporates and countries are shutting down and social distancing as the virus spreads cross the planet. It is one of the most definitive times in human history and it is one that has put technology directly in the spotlight. The evolution of technology has not only played its part in mitigating the impact of the virus, but it is a powerful ally for organisations looking to build new foundations amidst lockdowns and quarantines.

“Technology can be used by organisations across all sectors to improve customer and employee relationships throughout the lockdown,” explained Dirk Meerkotter Business Intelligence Specialist, Turrito Analytics. “There are collaboration platforms, virtual conferencing tools, instant messenger applications and real-time note and document sharing solutions that provide instant support to organisations moving their employees online and into the home. The lockdown and the subsequent wait for the green light to return to work do not have to signify a red light for productivity and customer engagement.”

There are multiple tools and platforms available to organisations, and these come in so many different flavours that they also fit different budgets, use cases and scenarios. For companies looking to get online and collaborating at speed, Google provides an array of tools like Hangouts and Google Docs and instant chat; but there’s also Microsoft Office 365 that includes Teams, Skype for Business, and a variety of document sharing, emailing and calendar features that’s a superb fit for the larger organisation. The Microsoft platform is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous with a low barrier to entry and accessible apps such as Outlook, Word, Excel and OneNote all available online.

For the organisation looking to maintain both customer and employee relationships during the quarantine, it’s a good idea to invest into video conferencing solutions. These not only provide a face-to-face and personal connection with people – something that many South Africans are craving at the moment – but they are easy to use and can be recorded to ensure that work is done or allocated correctly. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting and Webex have integrated offerings that provide both instant chat and video chat options. Instant chat solutions such as WhatsApp and Telegram are ideal for co-worker collaboration on the go; while workflow management platforms such as those on offer from Turrito Analytics will help streamline workflows to ensure more effective time management and productivity.

“As Covid-19 continues to disrupt normal work processes and environments, organisations need the right tools to ensure they are capable of handing this disruption,” said Meerkotter. “They need empowered teams, real-time document management, and cloud-based solutions for seamless data sharing. The technology is ready and available, the business need only work with the right partner to ensure they implement the right technology and get the right support.”

Support is essential. Not all employees are going to be comfortable with the technology they’re suddenly expected to use on a daily basis – many may find it daunting. Even customers may find the sudden jump from physical to virtual a challenge. Training and education are two major components for any successful remote working solution. Once people know the ‘how’ they will rapidly begin to see the ‘why’ – the value technology offers. Training will also prevent unnecessary mistakes that can damage reputations and create awkward situations.

“Whether it’s a customer or an employee, it’s easy to make a mistake that could affect your career,” said Meerkotter. “Leaving the video or audio on when doing something else while on a conference call can be incredibly embarrassing. With training, these issues can be avoided and you can instil confidence in your people. This is why it’s important to work with a partner that specialises in cloud-based solutions as they’ll help you to empower both your employees and your customers.”

Remote working may still feel like a leap for many organisations, but using the most relevant technology can make this leap a safe and successful one. Turrito Analytics provides companies with solutions that help them strike the perfect balance between efficiency and capability. With solutions that streamline workflows, improve collaboration, and enhance real-time communication, Turrito Analytics can help you build the perfect foundations for your remote working needs.