WestconGroup Southern Africa is pleased to be part of what is a massive milestone for its vendor partner Linksys, the sale of its 100 millionth wired and wired routers, a target they attained with global sales in just 16 years. Making it the first official company to sell a 100 million units.

Locally Westcon works with its reseller partners throughout the region via its Consumer Solutions division, which consistently reports strong sales on the Linksys products, predominantly through its retail channels.

“Linksys is a pioneer in home routing, and since its introduction of the first consumer grade home router in December 1999, the company has just grown exponentially – to today where it is a household name,” states Werner Bruwer, Linksys Channel Manager, Consumer Solutions at WestconGroup Southern Africa.

A long way from its first product, the EtherFast Broadband Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch – BEFSR41, Linksys now has more than 60 different routers in its product portfolio, which are predominantly sold through retail outlets.

In a press statement, Mike Chen, vice president, product management, Linksys stated: “When Linksys introduced the first consumer grade router at Comdex in 1999, who would have known it would have such a critical role for connecting devices in the home to the Internet.”

Through its extensive investment in and continual research and development Linksys is today even more relevant than ever. It has consistently adapted its products to ensure they host the most relevant technologies, such as wireless as an example. In many homes and small offices, the Linksys router is the cornerstone of the network, supporting broadband connections, streaming of TV shows, movies and music, all the while acting as the connection between smart phones, tablets, computers and home automation solutions.

Appropriately the router itself continues to evolve, and over the last 16 years we have evidenced it change wired routers to different wireless standards – notably the evolution of Wireless-B, wireless-G, Wireless-N, and Wireless-AC, to now where they are sporting the latest technology enhancements with Triband and MU-MIMO technology, the first products of which Linksys plans to ship first in a few weeks.

“We are exceptionally proud to have been part of such an exciting journey. As a partner Linksys has always been exceptionally supportive of its channel, and in that, us its distributor. We applaud them on reaching what is an exceptional milestone and look forward to walking with them on their journey to 200 million routers sold,” ends Bruwer.

Tim Higgins, Small Net Builder, one of the original journalists to write about routers back in 1999 and who is still a tech writer today have this to say: “100 million of anything is impressive. And for routers, it’s even more so. It’s only fitting that the company that launched the consumer networking market with the original four-port $200 BEFSR41 Linky (that you can still buy today!) has first reached this milestone. Congratulations!”

According to Industry Research firm – IDC, forecasts by 2017, consumers worldwide will be using 9.8 billion devices capable of connecting to a home network router. Linksys continues to be at the leading edge of advancing the router and its capabilities and will continue to push the envelope to bring faster, more seamless and ubiquitous Wi-Fi in homes and offices around the world.