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Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa is, effective immediately, enabling local reseller partners the opportunity to purchase Azure from its BlueSky digital aggregation platform.

The announcement allows local resellers to purchase core components of the Azure platform locally, and digitally, all via its automated aggregation system BlueSky. As a Tier-Two member of the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) programme, the Westcon-Comstor Cloud Solutions team is uniquely geared to provide customers support and services around all of the vendor’s cloud solutions as well as Azure.

“Customers throughout the continent have been calling for access to the Azure suite of solutions, but have been reticent to follow a direct route of acquiring it, as they have feared that local or in-country support and technical skills wouldn’t be available should they require them,” states Leane Hannigan, Cloud Solutions Director at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa.

“By offering partners Azure as a solution through our BlueSky platform, they can now better build customer-centric IT environments that support their end-user customers’ desire to embrace digital transformation in what is fast becoming a cloud and mobile first world.”

Leading with key components of the Azure stack the local team will provide partners with access to its Backup, Identity Management and Storage capabilities. Notably, as a result of its integration with BlueSky, the Westcon-Comstor team will be able to couple a host of value-added services for customers. BlueSky will alert the reseller on a user’s usage and consumption of their Azure, and for that matter, all their Microsoft cloud solutions, and then create a recommendation on future use, by week, month and even year.

BlueSky offers partners access to a digital aggregation solution from which they can acquire both cloud based solutions and services, quickly and easily. Its enhanced analytics capabilities also allow resellers to not only monitor consumption as mentioned previously, but also analyse this consumption and provide the reseller with suggestions on what a client may require based on qualified information. This provides a critical link for pre- and post-sales professionals to their customers, enabling them to scale user requirements up or down at a moment’s notice, while unlocking additional business opportunities for customer.

“A key benefit for our partners acquiring Azure through BlueSky is that they continue to own the customer relationship. They are also able to ensure that the customer has access to the technical and support skills they may require in ensuring the successful deployment of Azure. Furthermore they can white-label the solution for customers, as well as white-label Westcon-Comstor based technical and support services, to ensure the end-user customer is provided a single point of contact and a single identity for all things Azure and Microsoft in their business,” adds Hannigan.

The announcement is particularly relevant as it follows on Microsoft’s own announcement that it has officially (as of 1 February 2017), shifted all licensing for its Azure cloud service to CSP partners on its CSP programme.

For more information, please contact Gerald Meyer on +27 11 848 9000 or [email protected].