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Tinnitus – the ringing in one’s ears. But it’s not always a ringing sound. Some  people say it’s a buzzing, hissing, roaring clicking noise. Some say it sounds like the buzz of cicadas or chirruping of crickets. Many sufferers, however, report that the noise in their ears is constant. At its worse, tinnitus can interfere with the ability to hear or even concentrate

Tinnitus is often a symptom of something else: hearing loss, a head or neck injury, disease, stress or a circulatory system disorder. The biggest culprit, however, is exposure to noise.

Industrial and construction workers, musicians and airport ground crews are also amongst those who are high risk for tinnitus. People working in crowded offices and spend a great deal of time on the phone (like call centre workers) are also exposed to loud sounds over an extended period of time, and tinnitus can be the result.

People who work in noisy environments – such as factory- and construction workers, musicians and airport ground crews – are particularly at risk. Employees who work in crowded office spaces or use the phone as their primary tool for delivering a service can be prone to tinnitus because of repeated exposure to loud sounds, often from using low-end headsets that doesn’t adhere to noise-at-work regulations.

“Traders, brokers and key account managers are also on the phone all the time,” says Ruan Adlem Jabra Business Development Manager at Westcon-Comstor. “For some of these people, the constant noise and the time they spend on the phone can lead to hearing issues and tinnitus.”

While in most cases, there is no real prevention for developing tinnitus, some precautions can be taken. “In an industrial setting, you can wear over the ear protection,” says Adlem. “But if you’re in an office, and you need to be on the phone, what can you do? Jabra’s cordless and corded headsets come with noise reduction technology that can help people who are spending much of their day on the phone.”

Jabra headsets are both DECT and Bluetooth compatible and can be used with most operating systems. The technology in the headsets helps reduce loud noises and provide protection from sudden and high-pitched sounds.

The Jabra Biz 2400 II, available from Westcon-Comstor,  is specifically designed to cancel noise, provide comfort and provide some ear protection to the user. It is created for the professional who spends a great deal of time on the phone for business.

“We recommend that the volume on headsets be turned down and that the time spent in high noise environments be reduced to prevent hearing loss,” advises Adlem. “And if you are experiencing tinnitus or hearing loss of any kind, it’s best you consult a doctor.”