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Getting a decent Wi-Fi connection in a crowded outdoor space can prove to be a challenge. Because we are now able to work at almost any location or environment, the demand for connectivity wherever we are is high, and the expectation is that whatever connection is available it is of the highest quality.

For the modern and remote worker, expectations are that outdoor Wi-Fi should be as fast and reliable as the access they are accustomed to in their homes or office. The problem is that supplying dependable outdoor access can be difficult.

“The outdoors poses a few challenges for good Wi-Fi connection. Power lines, buildings and even trees can interfere with or disrupt Wi-Fi signal. Luckily Ruckus has a Wi-Fi solution that can be employed in even tough outdoor environments,” explains Andries Janse Van Rensburg, Ruckus Channel Manager with Westcon-Comstor.

Ruckus has developed state-of-the-art technologies that make their outdoor access points speedy and reliable, ensuring that there is no drop in signal. The Ruckus RF developments provide extended coverage using the patented BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna technology which uses multi-directional antenna patterns. Their ChannelFly technology also hunts for Wi-Fi channels with less traffic, ensuring that the Wi-Fi doesn’t slow down.

“Ruckus is easy to manage and works well for Smart City applications. Not just that, Ruckus is brilliant in arenas, outdoor campuses, transportation hubs and even malls. In the digital age, we want to have access to reliable Wi-Fi wherever we go and Ruckus certainly can provide that,” Janse van Rensburg says.

Ruckus Wi-Fi is designed specifically with outdoor conditions in mind and is rugged and durable. With SmartMesh wireless meshing, there is no need to pull Ethernet cables for each access point.

Expect an improvement in RF efficiency in 802.11a/b/g/n systems with the dual band 802.11ac Wave 2 access points, whether meshed or wired. The system is easy to manage whether it’s just for ten or ten thousand Aps with appliance-, virtual- and cloud-managed options.

“Ruckus has also taken security into consideration and has integrated the most recent encryption and authentication protocols – from 802.1x to Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys. While this may sound a little complicated, it’s actually really easy to manage,” Janse Van Rensburg says.

“The value of outdoor connectivity cannot be underestimated. Dropped connections and slow data rates all have an impact on the remote user, and Wi-Fi access has become part of our expectation of service,” concludes Janse Van Rensburg.

Ruckus wireless technologies are available through Westcon-Comstor. For more information contact Andries Janse Van Rensburg at [email protected]