Prebashini Reddy, Channel Manager for WestconGroup's Microsoft FPP & SDA products

Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa is offering African customers the opportunity to purchase and leverage the full power of Azure through the company as well as from its BlueSky digital logistics platform.

Microsoft Azure continues to grow in popularity and use cases. It is fast being recognised as the cloud solution platform of choice for African customers looking to take advantage of cloud based services, to help them better take advantage of the cloud, as well as digital transformation. As a tier-two member of the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) programme, the Westcon-Comstor Cloud Solutions team is uniquely geared to provide customers on the continent, with support and services around all of the vendor’s cloud solutions as well as Azure.

“Azure unlocks a host of benefits for African customers looking to mobilise into the cloud, as it is an all in one cloud solution, making it ideal for a business who needs the power of enterprise computing, no matter their size,” states Prebashini Reddy, Microsoft CSP and VL Product Manager at Westcon-Comstor South Africa and Rest of Africa. “By making the Azure platform available for our African customers we immediately quell concerns around local or in-country support and technical skills, as Westcon-Comstor is able to assist resellers with this through our value-added services offerings.”

Microsoft Azure is the vendor company’s most flexible solution to date as it offers an open and flexible platform with all of the required building blocks for rapid construction, implementation, and management of cloud-based solutions. Furthermore, its application, compute, storage and networking consumption services, enable a customer to build, host and manage applications and services in a multi-language environment accessible from anywhere.

The most popular application for Azure to date, include its ability to assist customers with the development of web and mobile applications, spinning up of virtual machines in minutes, data analysis, as well as storage, back-up, and recovery.

“Azure gives a customer practically unlimited data capacity and elastic storage that they can dictate the price of, as well as apply consumption models and thresholds to. Its ability to integrate into a legacy environment, also offers the perfect hybrid cloud offering.  Our customers can now also acquire Azure through our BlueSky platform, meaning we can add a host of value-added services for customers to their purchase, including the fact that BlueSky will alert the reseller on a user’s usage and consumption of their Azure, and for that matter, all their Microsoft cloud solutions, and then create a recommendation on future use, by week, month and even year,” ends Reddy.

The announcement is particularly relevant as it follows on Microsoft’s own announcement that it has officially (as of 1 February 2017) shifted all licensing for its Azure cloud service to CSP partners on its CSP programme.

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