Westcon-Comstor has announced that NetApp’s powerful 4th generation EF570 all-flash system and its E5700 Series hybrid flash system, are now available in Southern Africa.

Dean Verappan, NetApp channel manager at Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa, says today’s businesses who want to be tactical, strategic and have a competitive edge, need to be able to exploit and leverage the vast amounts of data they are being flooded with on a daily basis.

He adds that analytics, when harnessed effectively, provide actionable insights and enable smarter, better decision making. “Hybrid cloud data solutions that can deliver 24/7 data availability and unmatched application performance do exactly that, and help accelerate time to market.”

The NetApp EF570 all-flash system leads the storage industry in terms of price and performance highlighted by SPC-1 and SPC-2 benchmark tests as of 19 September 2017, adds Verappan. “It is a midrange storage system that boasts twice the throughput performance of earlier iterations. In deployments, it has the ability to cut video processing times by up to 95%, lowering dataset analysis from weeks to a matter of hours. Moreover, response for financial transactions is up to four times faster than offered by other solutions.”

“It was designed with performance-heavy workloads in mind. These would include big data analytics, technical computing, and video surveillance. The EF570 now provides up to 21GBps of bandwidth, 1 million sustained IOPS, sub-100 microsecond latency, and support for 100Gb NVMe over InfiniBand to increase application responsiveness and to accelerate analytics,” he adds.

“In today’s data economy, receiving value and insights as quickly as possible from performance-sensitive workloads, for example critical databases and big data analytics, can set your businesses apart from its competitors.  The EF570 can speed up access to data enormously, so businesses can extract value more quickly. It offers unmatched performance, value, and simplicity in dense (2U) enterprise packaging to make better decisions more rapidly, and make them more actionable and secure.”

The NetApp E5700 Series hybrid flash system accelerates performance and increases density with a hybrid flash system that is optimal for modern enterprise applications. “Today’s organisations rely heavily on applications, and with users today more demanding and critical than ever before, these need to function at optimum performance, 24/7. To this, businesses need data storage systems that can deliver exceptional application performance with continuous data availability.”

The ability to glean value and insights rapidly and reliably from a plethora of mixed workload environments can set your enterprise apart from the market. The E5700 Series offers extreme performance, boosting IOPS, and increasing density with a hybrid system that is ideal for modern enterprise applications, he explains.

Moreover, it boasts unparalleled value, as configurations can be customised to optimise performance and capacity requirements with three distinct disk system shelves, multiple drive types, and a complete selection of SAN interfaces. “In addition, it enables flexible and cost-effective backup and recovery to the cloud, and its modular design and easy management tools make it simple to scale with no additional management complexity.”

South African businesses are looking for ways to turn data into business results, but are hampered by inefficient infrastructures that were not designed with performance-intensive workloads in mind, adds Verappan. “Simply throwing more money at updating lacklustre infrastructure isn’t going to solve anything. If they cannot analyse third platform data quickly and effectively, and gain the crucial business insights instantly, they risk being left behind.”

They need solutions that can provide these insights, without breaking the bank. The NF570 and E5700 Series do exactly that, offering the best price/performance to meet these challenges head on, he concludes.

The E5700 and EF570 systems both support multiple high-speed host interfaces, including 32Gb FC, 25Gb iSCSI, 100Gb InfiniBand, 12Gb SAS, and 100Gb NVMe over InfiniBand. This capability makes EF570 and E5700 systems among the first 2U arrays with support for NVMe.