In another first for the South African Internet Service Provider (ISP) market, XDSL is launching free value-adds with all its dedicated fibre broadband offerings. These value-adds include standard items such as Quality of Service (QoS), firewalls and pro-active 24×7 security monitoring. Included in these value-adds are additional local firsts such as a free fully hosted PBX, a free entry-level virtual server, free Internet traffic to and from hosted servers, and fully guaranteed uncontended throughput.

Says XDSL director Danie Fourie: “Our focus is on offering our clients not just value for money, but providing them with solutions that drive their competitive edge. As more fibre goes into the ground, broadband solutions are commoditising and many ISPs are competing on price. We continue to differentiate ourselves through offering affordable and sustainable high-value solutions backed by service excellence, throughput guarantees – what you buy is what you get – and strong security features to meet the threats that growing broadband ubiquity brings.”

The value-adds offered by XDSL include:

  • • Security is one of the most important elements for customers. XDSL offers a fully managed network firewall as well as protection against all common attacks, such as Denial-of-Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks, port scanning and brute force attacks.
  • • QoS This is in essence “your business network intelligence” and ensures critical business applications are prioritised to deliver the highest level of performance, a predictable user experience and, through optimisation of traffic, reduces costs.
  • • Pro-active monitoring identifies risks to the organisation in terms of threats and service interruption, while on-demand graphing and reporting keeps the client informed of the utilisation of each service.
  • • A free fully managed hosted PBX, the first such offer from a local ISP, provides the client with huge savings on infrastructure and call costs, as well as all the bells and whistles. These include Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voice screening, virtual call centres, call forwarding, click-to-dial, and live reporting and billing and much more.
  • • Free Internet traffic to and from collocated servers hosted by XDSL. XDSL is still the first and only ISP locally offering this service.
  • • Uncapped Home ADSL accounts for all staff members of XDSL’s fibre customers. XDSL provides a Home ADSL account (line cost) at cost price. For example, 4 Megabits per second (Mbps) costs only R227.00 including VAT per month and the data usage is uncapped. This service does however exclude the line rental for the ADSL line.


Says Fourie: “These value-adds are available with all of our dedicated broadband fibre products. We were first to market with 25/50/100Mbps broadband fibre; first to offer clients a hosted, fully managed, enterprise grade PABX; first to offer clients free Internet connectivity out of the data centre; first to demystify service level provision with a one-page matrix; and first to upgrade all our existing Broadband Fibre Internet customers to Dedicated Fibre Internet 1:1. As we have proven to our loyal customer base, we deliver on our promises and the value-adds we offer are sustainable.”