Danie Fourie

XDSL has just launched another industry benchmark-busting deal. With its Mega Co-location offering, every customer that takes a full cabinet in XDSL’s Centurion Data Centre and subscribes to an enterprise fibre qualifies for a free, uncontended 100 Megabits per second (Mbps) fibre connection to the cabinet. It’s a first in South Africa – one that many business users will welcome.

Says Danie Fourie, Director at XDSL: “Regardless of the capacity of the fibre broadband customers have subscribed to, if they take a full cabinet in our carrier-class data centre they will receive 100Mbps high speed connectivity between the business and the cabinet. The benefits to the business are significant – it’s a small taste of what full enterprise quality fibre should offer.

“A 100Mbps connection to the cabinet at zero cost is unheard of in South Africa. To put the offer into perspective, a 100Mbps access line without any Internet capacity will normally cost a business in the region of R16 000. This offering really challenges the status quo and we are pleased to be able to lead the way one more time.”

Real-time recovery, T3 assurance

Backup and disaster recovery are vital for any business but is of particular concern to South African businesses as load shedding continues. Notes Fourie: “With a 100Mbps high speed connection to the cabinet, backups no longer have to be deprioritised in favour of business applications to run after hours. Instead, live replication is possible with full synchronisation of backups and real-time recovery in the event of IT failure or disaster.”

Adding further uptime assurance, XDSL’s Centurion Data Centre is one of only a few Tier 3 rated data centers in the country. Notes Fourie: “A Tier 3 rating means the Data Center not only has two generators and UPS’s for fail over, but has dual power feeds that feed the Data Centre.

Unheard of – challenging the status quo

XDSL offers clients a full cabinet, power and a fibre interconnect for just under R10 000. With the Mega Co-location deal, they also get the 100Mbps line to the cabinet for free. It’s an offering that will be especially attractive to Enterprises and SMEs, and to first-tier ISPs and IT service providers, especially those offering clients hosting services.

Adds Fourie, “At XDSL, our focus remains on adding value – our emphasis is on products that help our clients succeed. Unlike other ISPs, we offer full uncontended throughput on all our products and businesses are beginning to understand the benefits that this service does provide.”

XDSL was first to market with 10-, 25-, 50-, and 100Mbps fibre broadband solutions in 2013. It continues to lead the market with its new offerings, its more than 200 000km of fibre nationally and a presence in 13 Data Centres across South Africa.

This is the first of a series of Mega deals XDSL will be launching. Look out for its Mega LAN, WAN, Internet and Fibre deals which will be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information, visit www.xdsl.co.za