Danie Fourie

XDSL’s Mega Series of offerings continues to rock the ISP industry. With Mega LAN the customer receives a 500Mbps link between their business offices in Gauteng that fall within 10km from each other for just R8500 per office (and sometimes further on a per request basis).

What could you do with that kind of super high speed connectivity?

Says Danie Fourie, Commercial Director at XDSL: “Businesses are paying a premium to remain connected as they expand to new sites and office locations. For a sub 100Mbps link to a Data Centre or branch office they are paying an industry average of up to R16,000 a month and for  a MPLS VPN they could pay anything between R21,000 and R41,000 per month.

“Our Mega LAN offering provides a true (1:1) 100% Committed Information Rate on the full 500Mbps, at only R8, 500 per site. This speed and enterprise quality of connectivity is something very few businesses are experiencing at present. The benefits of access connectivity of this magnitude are considerable.

“With uncontended throughput businesses can centralize operational systems and management with almost no access latency, system duplication or service lags. Videoconferencing and shared services become possible, as does Real Time backup to a Central Head Office location.”

XDSL’s capacity on our redundant Gauteng Fibre ring makes this offering possible. The Mega LAN offering can be accessed in conjunction with XDSL’s Mega Co-Location offering. With Mega Co-Location, every customer that purchases a full cabinet in XDSL’s Centurion Data Centre and subscribes to an Enterprise Fibre service receives a free, uncontended 100Mbps fibre connection to the cabinet.

Says Fourie: “The goal of our Mega Offerings is to shift industry goalposts. Our focus is on creating products and solutions that help our customers succeed. We like to compete with a winner’s mindset, and so do our clients. These offerings give them the edge. They allow businesses to increase efficiencies and focus on core business, and explore the new opportunities and approaches the digital realm offers.

“This is another South African first – an Offering that challenges the status quo. It puts us in the lead, and it puts our clients ahead.”

Look out for XDSL’s Mega Internet deal that will be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information, visit www.xdsl.co.za