Danie Fourie

By Danie Fourie, Commercial Director at XDSL

The launch of the next offering in XDSL’s stack of mega solutions – Mega Internet – is going to ruffle a few Internet Service Provider’s (ISP’s) feathers and seriously stimulate the interest of Enterprise, Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and ISP resellers that want Internet connectivity anywhere for branch offices, remote workers and customers, at any time.

What’s in the bag? Mega Internet is an aggressively priced carrier class Internet connectivity with six local breakouts or peering points and redundant international breakouts, delivered in the customer’s pick of 13 Data Centres nationwide where XDSL has a presence. In addition, XDSL’s promise is to deliver 100% of the committed information data rate – so if it says it’s a 50Mbps line, the customer will be guaranteed 100% throughput of 50Mbps, all the time!

“We are committed to offering our customers true enterprise quality solutions – solutions that disrupt the ISP product mix strategies and take the industry forward while giving our customers a competitive advantage ,” says Danie Fourie of XDSL.

“The Mega Internet offering is positioned firmly in that category. With a fully interconnected and redundant network, we ensure Internet connectivity can be delivered anywhere, all the time, maximising business efficiency – that’s why we call it Mega Internet.”

How does Mega Internet add value?

If a company with a branch network receives a single Internet feed at its head office on which all branch offices are reliant, those offices will be left without connectivity if the head-office feed goes down. With Mega Internet, the branch network is an MPLS network and each office can receive an Internet breakout from any of 13 Data Centres nationwide. And if any single local access link fails, the other branches on the network will still be able to utilise the Mega Internet, because it is positioned on the MPLS network.

XDSL also offers redundant international breakouts from two different carriers: four international Internet links from Telkom via the WACs and SAT3 cables, and one via the Seacom cable. This means there is always failover for international Internet connectivity, a factor that is increasingly vital as businesses become more global.

For ISP resellers, Mega Internet is likely to be a very attractive offering.

Explains Fourie: “Mega Internet is a really good deal for ISP resellers who resell wholesale Internet bandwidth. Simply put, if they have a single access point for bandwidth they will lose all Internet connectivity access if that single access point fails. With Mega Internet, they can break out at any Data Centre convenient to the client, ensuring ongoing connectivity.”

Max out on XDSL’s Mega offerings

Subscribing to Mega Internet qualifies XDSL clients for all XDSL’s other Mega offerings:

  • Mega LAN – R8,500 per branch for a 500Mbps connection between branch offices in Gauteng that are approximately 10km apart.
  • Mega Co-Location – every customer that takes a full cabinet in XDSL’s Centurion Data Centre and subscribes to an enterprise fibre will get a free, uncontended 100Mbps fibre connection to the cabinet.
  • Mega Continuity – R10,000 for a full cabinet in XDSL’s carrier-class Data Centre in Centurion, a 100Mbps fibre VLAN between the cabinet and the customer’s premises, and zero Internet cost in the cabinet.

Sneak peek of the Mega roadmap

Mega Fibre is a new XDSL Mega solution targeting wholesale Internet resellers in Gauteng. It offers 1:1 fibre access with aggressive pricing. Resellers can look forward to the launch of this product in the next few weeks.

“Join us,” says Fourie. “XDSL’s Mega solutions are designed to give our customers the best value for their money without compromising on quality. It’s what businesses should be getting all the time – with these offerings we challenge industry to make them the norm.”