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ZTE’s African growth plans
Apr 30th, 2020

ZTE has been actively trialing 5G technology in Africa but still sees 3G and 4G as big growth areas for its business on the continent in the near future. This is according to Wu Jianjun, ZTE marketing director in Africa, who was speaking to Connecting Africa in an email interview.

ZTE helps China Mobile launch the cloud classroom service
Apr 27th, 2020

ZTE Corporation today announced that it has helped China Mobile promptly launch the cloud classroom service based on the IPTV platform, introducing massive high-quality educational resources to students for online classes.

ZTE assists China Mobile to send China’s first 5G message
Apr 14th, 2020

The Zhejiang Branch of China Mobile is the first pilot unit of China Mobile’s 5G messages. Its 5GMC system, which is constructed by ZTE, employs a full cloud-based NFV architecture and a built-in lightweight solution.

ZTE FY2019 operating revenue hits RMB90 billion
Apr 1st, 2020

ZTE Corporation has reported its 2019 annual results.