ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions today announced that, its Vice President Mr. Song Shijie and Technical Spokesman Mr. Tu Jiashun, have shared ZTE’s prospects of innovative practices in tourism field at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

At the event, Mr. Song explored how to perceive the ancient cultural capital of Chang’An and even China through the metaverse.

Mr. Song first introduced “previous life” of the Tang Dynasty Museum in his speech titled “Awakening Cultural Heritage”. As a national museum, the Tang Dynasty Museum has a large collection of ceramics, bronzes, jades and other rare resources representing the East-West trade and cultural dissemination during the Tang Dynasty. Due to the limitation of geographical location and the capacity of the museum, the audience to the offline exhibition, cultural relics tour, cultural forum and other activities are very limited.

According to Mr. Song, the new concept of “Culture Metaverse” cannot be separated from the strong support of video platform, and with the metaverse engine of ZTE and its ecosphere partners, the company quickly builds an online 3D virtual interactive space, moving cultural relics to the Tang Dynasty Museum, getting rid of the restrictions of geography and physical booths, and truly realizing the ultimate goal of “visiting the museum offline and seeing the world online”. The ultra-high precision digital model can realize 360° online viewing of cultural relics.

At the same time, the  technology of 3D voice interaction helps achieve the collection of cultural relics players and Tang Dynasty Museum in the virtual space “face to face” interactive communication. This platform supports pan-terminal access, and users can access the metaverse by using 8K set-top boxes, VR headsets, smartphones, IPADs and other “meta” terminals, so that users can realize a strong interactive experience with low latency, and immersive audio and video while reducing the cost of accessing the artwork metaverse.

Mr. Tu Jiashun, Technical Spokesman

During a panel discussion on the metaverse, Mr.Tu Jiashun highlighted that the metaverse is akin to the film, TV, and video game industries of the past, offering an easy entry point for ordinary people into a virtual world of unlimited imagination. As the digital world moves forward, the metaverse will inevitably become an integral component of our future digital society. However, the current main challenges of the metaverse are achieving fully immersive user experiences and creating advanced 3D digital content. One significant factor contributing to these challenges is the lack of strong enough digital infrastructure support. An ultra-low latency, ultra-high bandwidth network is essential to enable people to access the metaverse anytime and anywhere. Additionally, a cloud with advanced VR rendering capabilities can generate incredibly realistic VR digital content, while a ubiquitous internet of things can enable the real-time creation of digital twins of the physical world. To fully realize the potential of the metaverse, the next generation of digital infrastructure is urgently required.

With metaverse emerging in different fields, ZTE will, according to Mr. Song Shijie, continue to innovate in the field of metaverse, join hands with partners across the industry to bring the most cutting-edge and realistic new experiences to users, develop and support the broad market space of meta-universe, and let the story of metaverse happen in every corner across the globe.

For more information, please visit ZTE booth (3F30, Hall 3, Fira Gran Via) at Mobile World Congress 2023, or explore: https://www.zte.com.cn/global/about/exhibition/mwc23.html