ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions has announced the launch of its G5 series servers in Thailand. This marks the first time that ZTE has released the servers outside of China. The launch event was attended by leading industry players, including AIS, Thailand’s leading smart digital network provider, renowned consulting firm IDC, Intel, a partner in the server industry chain, as well as customers from various sectors such as electricity, communications, transportation, finance, healthcare, and port industries.

During the launch, ZTE showcased its servers’ innovative features, such as high efficiency, intelligence, security and reliability, through various use cases and demonstrations.

With the development of new technologies and industries such as 5G, cloud computing, big data, AI, and VR/AR, the ICT industry in the Asia-Pacific region is experiencing a significant shift. This transformation is driving a surge in demand for server procurement. Having worked in the ICT industry in the Asia-Pacific region for many years, ZTE is a technology and solution provider that integrates resources from various software and hardware manufacturers, solution providers, and service providers to provide its customers with high-quality products and services.

ZTE has released five types of servers at the conference, including the 5200 G5 high-density server, R5300 G5 full-scenario universal server, R5500 G5 mass storage server, R6500 G5 heterogeneous computing power server, and R8500 G5 high-performance server.

Ultimate performance for powerful computing power

ZTE’s new G5 series servers feature the latest Intel® Xeon® fourth-generation scalable processors with built-in acceleration engines that efficiently improve application performance, supporting up to 120 cores in two sockets. These servers provide powerful computing power and high memory bandwidth with a design that includes 32x DDR5 memory slots with the rate of up to 4,800MT/s speed. The bandwidth performance has been boosted by 50%, and they support Intel® Optane™ persistent memory 300 series (Crow Pass). Additionally, the new PCIe 5.0 improves bandwidth by 150% and provides powerful hardware acceleration capabilities.

It is worth noting that the ZTE R6500 G5 heterogeneous computing power server features built-in 10-20 heterogeneous computing intelligent acceleration engines, which can flexibly schedule different heterogeneous computing power resources based on different application scenarios to achieve the best computing power combination. These combinations include CPU+GPU and CPU+GPU+DPU, meeting the requirements of various computing power scenarios like AI and super computing.

Furthermore, the new G5-series servers can be flexibly expanded. For example, the R5300 G5 server supports a maximum of forty-one 2.5″ disks or twenty 3.5″ disks and +4 2.5″ disks, and provides high-speed I/O interfaces. It is designed based on module-based hardware and platform-based software, enabling on-demand configuration to meet differentiated requirements in different application scenarios. In addition, the 5300 G5 servers can be customized to meet specific customer requirements and adapted to different application scenarios.

Stable and reliable for high-standard product quality

ZTE has been developing server and storage products with a focus on achieving the highest quality since 2005. The company’s products go through a rigorous process that includes design, production, testing, and after-sales service, all adhering to strict standards. Prior to leaving the factory, the products undergo more than 10,000 rigorous tests, including a 24-hour high-temperature aging test, ensuring their stability and reliability.

The latest G5 series servers have been optimized to include improvements to heat dissipation design, power modules, and mainboard layout. The power modules support 1+1 redundancy, and fans support N+1 redundancy, significantly enhancing system reliability. The hard disks and power supplies of key components support hot swapping. Furthermore, the servers are equipped with high-performance copper heat pipe heat sinks that reduce thermal resistance by 15% and CPU temperature by 5℃, meeting the heat dissipation requirements of CPUs with the highest 350W of the EagleStream series.

The new G5 series servers also support liquid cooling technology. This technology, which relies on cooling plates, can provide better PUE. Additionally, the cooling plates and pipes can be connected reliably, all pipes can be intelligently monitored, and second-level alarms can be raised in case of liquid leakage. With these features, ZTE’s G5 series servers offer a green and low-carbon solution while also ensuring product reliability.

Moving forward, ZTE will continue to collaborate with upstream and downstream partners to build a solid computing foundation, accelerate the digital transformation of industries, and enable more countries and regions to benefit from the digital economy. Regarding servers and storage products, ZTE will continue to invest in R&D to deliver superior products, assist more customers in their digital transformation, and further foster the growth of the digital economy.

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