ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, announced today that its Intelligent Optical Line Risk Analysis System, Tbit Optical Access Platform ZXA10 C600E, and FTTR-B solution have achieved top ratings in the Lightwave Innovation Reviews. This recognition underscores ZTE’s unparalleled standing in the optical communications sector.

Intelligent Optical Line Risk Analysis System: Expert management for enhanced O&M experience

The ZTE Intelligent Optical Line Risk Analysis System comprises key units such as Intelligent EMS, Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR), and Geographic Information System (GIS). This system automatically detects co-route risks within an OTN network and provides early warning of fiber degradation. In the event of an unexpected optical cable break, the GIS swiftly locates breakpoints, enhancing optical-layer O&M efficiency by 90% and ensuring high service reliability.

Tbit all-optical access platform ZXA10 C600E: Building ultra-high bandwidth, deterministic, open, and green FTTx networks

The ZTE Tbit all-optical access platform ZXA10 C600E represents a new-generation, large-capacity solution tailored to accommodate the demands of large-scale 50G PON deployments. It features ultra-high bandwidth, determinism, openness, and energy-saving features. With an industry-leading 1 Tbps bandwidth per slot, it meets the non-blocking forwarding requirements of 50G PON, 10G PON, and GPON Combo configurations, facilitating seamless evolution from GPON to 10G PON and ultimately to 50G PON. The platform ensures determinism by supporting end-to-end hard pipes, delivering less than 200μs of latency and nanoseconds of jitter, thereby fulfilling the deterministic bandwidth, latency, and jitter needs of enterprise campuses. Through standard NetConf/YANG integration, it enables interoperability with third-party systems and applications, catering to the evolving demands of SDN and virtualization deployments. Additionally, the ZXA10 C600E incorporates four levels of energy-saving mechanisms to promote the development of green and sustainable FTTx networks.

FTTR-B Solution: Helping small, medium, and micro enterprises deploy all-optical intranet quickly to achieve digital transformation

The ZTE FTTR-B (Fiber to the Room for Business) solution leverages fiber for enterprise intranet construction, delivering 2 Gbps+ Wi-Fi services to every corner of small, medium, and micro enterprises. Unrestricted by bandwidth limitations, the fiber networking is poised to meet evolving technical demands for the next two decades. Supporting the latest EasyMesh intelligent network technology, it ensures seamless roaming with switching times of less than 20 ms. A single set of FTTR-B devices can accommodate up to 300 terminals concurrently, guaranteeing high-quality network performance in scenarios such as conferences, education, and live streaming, where multiple devices are active simultaneously. Moreover, it prioritizes bandwidth usage and eliminates network lagging by providing dedicated acceleration channels for office applications like conferences and live streaming.

Expanding beyond enterprise private line access, the FTTR-B solution boosts operators’ ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) value by over 200%. ZTE integrates enterprise broadband, network design, installation and deployment, and O&M (Operation and Maintenance) services, enabling visual remote management, diagnosis, and optimization via the Smart Cloud Platform (SCP). This facilitates one-click viewing and management of network status, reducing the need for onsite visits and cutting O&M costs by more than 30%. ZTE’s groundbreaking ASIC FTTR-B solution significantly reduces chip power consumption and transmission delays. Additionally, patented full-scenario ceiling-mount slave gateways support versatile mounting options such as ceiling, wall, and pole, with support for multiple power supply modes including PoF/PoE/AC. Flexibility extends to backhaul technologies like fiber, network cable, and Wi-Fi, meeting diverse deployment requirements globally, streamlining installation processes, and reducing OpEx (Operational Expenditure).

Currently, the ZTE FTTR-B solution is deployed commercially in over 30 cities in China. Trial commercial offices are established in more than 20 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Austria, and Brazil, bolstering the digital transformation efforts of small, medium, and micro enterprises worldwide.

Lightwave has been hosting its annual Innovation Awards for several years, with the goal of acknowledging the premier products and solutions in the optical communication sector. The judging panel comprises esteemed optical network specialists from network operators, suppliers, as well as senior executives, analysts, and engineers from industrial research and consulting companies.

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