ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, has today announced a successful verification of the longest terrestrial long-haul transmission over 2000km based on commercial 800G pluggable coherent modules and single carrier architecture without regeneration in collaboration with Turkcell, a leading telecom operator in Turkiye providing high-quality fixed and mobile communication services for more than 40 million subscribers. Turkcell also aims to lead the industry in terms of developing and implementing innovative technologies.

Turkiye occupies a unique geographic position, lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe, which makes long-haul transmission, a vital necessity for its optical network development. As one of the largest operators covering this expansive territory, Turkcell provides the relevant lines to major European cities through stand-alone routes with many protection and redundancy scenarios together with 5 European border crossings it ensured with its own infrastructure. Again, with 7 eastern border crossings it ensured with its own infrastructure, it may render services to Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, the Turkic Republic and Caucasus.

Prof. Dr. Vehbi Çağrı Güngör, Turkcell Chief Network Technologies Officer, said, “As Turkcell, we aim to be the forefront of the digital silk road between the East and West, leveraging Turkey’s unique role as a bridge between Europe and Asia. Our network is progressing to become a central hub for content providers. As Turkcell, through the collaboration with ZTE, we will facilitate the transmission of very large capacities over long distances from East to West through Turkey.”

Peng Aiguang, Senior Vice President of ZTE, said, “Turkcell stands out as one of our pivotal global partners, collaborating seamlessly with us to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Once again, ZTE reaffirms its commitment as the trailblazer of pioneering technologies, propelling Turkcell to new heights on the global stage. Our unwavering dedication ensures that ZTE remains at the forefront, continually improving Turkcell’s international standing through innovation and excellence.”

Furhermore, the future 5G network deployment and emerging technologies such as cloud computing and digital services intensifies the operator’s urgent need to enhance bandwidth due to the anticipated significant growth of network traffic. Turkcell’s achievement in implementing 800G and innovative solutions into existing networks establishes a robust foundation, paving the way for shaping future optical network development.

In pursuit of this goal, Turkcell has collaborated with ZTE to verify the innovative 800G pluggable solution based on single carrier future proof architecture. In this project, ZTE deployed its flagship optical transmission product, the ZXONE 9700, and utilized the industry’s first 800G pluggable coherent module for long-haul transmission spanning over 2000 km via the terrestrial G.652 optical fiber. In comparison with the industry’s standard 800G fixed module, it reduces the power consumption by 68%. This strategic approach assists Turkcell’s Sustainability Policy in achieving its goal of establishing green and low-carbon optical networks.