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May 2022



The ASUS brand is founded on four core values known as ASUS DNA. ASUS DNA comprises “the 5 ASUS Virtues of Humility, Integrity, Diligence, Agility and Courage”, “Focus on Fundamentals and Results”, “Innovation and Aesthetics” and “Lean Thinking”. In order to achieve our vision of turning ASUS into the world’s most admired leading enterprise in the new digital era, our employees are encouraged to practice and develop these four foundational “genes”.

The 5 ASUS Virtues

ASUS places great importance on employee virtues. Five characteristics have been identified as key to the smooth development of processes and relationships. The five ASUS virtues are:


Show gratitude and have sincere respect for others
Internalize the company’s processes and possess strong team spirit
Be sincerely introspective; when facing problems, look into areas of personal responsibility first without blaming others
Continuously strive for self-improvement with strong self-motivation


Be honest, sincere and truthful, and above all, do not attempt to cheat
Understand and honestly accept one’s own personal strengths and weaknesses
Develop interpersonal relationships without false pretences


Be willing to spend more time and effort and take responsibility in order to deliver high quality work
Focus on cost and crack down on wastage to “get more with less”
Take the initiative to pull together every person involved in a project in order to innovate and create maximum customer value


Be quick to grasp the key fundamentals in any situation
Be swift in taking the right actions to create winning results
Be quick in discovering opportunities


Bravely confront difficulties and face challenges
Dare to go against the grain, be able to drive constructive dialog in the event of disagreement and stick to doing the right things despite criticism
Never be hasty in decision making, and execute only after careful thinking

Focus on Fundamentals and Results

In order to accomplish the best possible results, ASUS stresses on teaching employees to “Think Through” the big picture, and focus on the fundamentals and results before execution. In short, they must find out the true Purpose behind any task, and to uncover the root cause behind issues, which will then allow them to do the right thing correctly the very first time. In order to accomplish this, employees must start with the Purpose of the task in mind, approach the situation “from the Customer’s Point of View”, and take “Cost Effectiveness” into consideration while being open to “Alternatives” and acutely aware of “Side Effects”.

Innovation and Aesthetics

ASUS also places a huge emphasis on Innovation and Aesthetics. Employees are encouraged to strive for technological and aesthetic perfection in everything they do. They are expected to put themselves in customers’ shoes in order to create more value. ASUS employees are also required to apply “Green-Light/Red-Light” thinking to each situation. Green-Light thinking involves brainstorming, where every idea and proposal is sent to a ‘pool’ from which the best solution is eventually drawn. Red-Light thinking, on the other hand, involves constant questioning and adopting a cautious attitude toward every proposal in order to siphon out the root cause of problems and then subsequently obtaining answers. Through such innovative thinking and experimenting—while mindful of the need to meet and exceed the user’s needs and expectations—employees can then develop products that enhance the user’s overall product experience.

Lean Thinking

ASUS relies on Lean Thinking to create the greatest value for its customers. Combining elements of its corporate culture with Lean Six Sigma (LSS) principles, Lean Thinking requires ASUS employees to employ open communication between co-workers of all levels, maximize value in any process chain, cut down on costs and wastage, and constantly seek to improve management processes.