CipherWave in a niche specialist IT company focusing on delivering networking, virtual, hosting and co-located solutions that are demanded by the companies who gear themselves for success and growth in a competitive market landscape while supplying and guaranteeing the cost competitive advantages required to put their businesses ahead of their competitors with faster speed, higher performance and dedicated specialised support around the clock.

CipherWave prides itself as a niche entity.  Paramount to the rapid success of our service offering is that you get service.  No customer is a barcode in our business suite or data centre as has become the norm in mass stacking servers, customer infrastructure and overloading legacy virtual servers to squeeze out every bit of processing power in their processor cavities or sector from their storage arrays.  Our offering is simple, dedicated support, 99.9% uptime, a designated professional around the clock for your requirements and backed by dozens of engineers and server software and hardware specialists that are here to support you any second of the day, and align or upscale your requirement within seconds of your request.  Show us another company that can do this and we sold.  Our service and delivery is guaranteed.  Yes, and your data is stored in the first of its kind Category-5 Data Vault on the Continent to provide you with the security you need of your most valuable resource.

As an emerged company established on the foundation of CSSI who have been a pioneering leading in Storage Technology and a leading award winning company founded over 10 years ago, CipherWave has come to the forefront on the South African landscape as being a commendable force, delivering on the requirements of our customers, where individual attention and tailor made solutions are defined for each customer we support and partner with as their supplier of IT connectivity, networking, management and server requirements.

CipherWave is an essential IT support company and an (ISP) Internet Service Provider and media services company, with the most technologically advanced IP backbone networks in South Africa and full high availability secure CipherVault™ (Data Centre) on the continent that is independently owned and managed with strategic Points of Presence (PoP’s) across South Africa, including data centres located in Midrand , Isando, Cape Town.


CipherWave is revolutionizing the conventional data centre offering on the African continent through a customer-centric approach of supplying level best quality of service, guaranteed uptime, utilisation of the most advanced server and brick and mortar infrastructure coupled with the latest category 5 Data Vault (codenamed: CipherVault™) for the peace of mind and security of your mission critical data and infrastructure.

Rather than the traditional approach of taxi stacking customers into data centres as has become the norm with all the oligopolies and our traditional monoliths that stick just a barcode on your infrastructure with basic shelter and power offerings, CipherWave has built a leading data centre that caters for each customers individual needs, requirements and offerings, from single servers, to high availability with redundant SAN array multi-server offering to cater for small to medium customers, and has the grunt in power output and hosting performance to run the largest organisation that exist in South Africa today.  Each client has round the clock access to a designated engineer or support professionals and the company has been built on a solid foundation within its owned facility, buildings and Data Centre that allows for the enhanced offerings it can deliver today. Fast. Unique. Dependable. Just like your business.  Partner with a company that is as passionate as you about your success.  This is our cornerstone. This is CipherWave.


You open a newspaper, magazine, turn on the radio, and every business out there seems to have jumped on the band wagon and is offering hosted services, cloud computing, virtual services and co-location.  Does it not feel like you the only company who is not offering this service out there?

That is the problem.

Since when did telephony companies who drop calls by the hundreds every hour become experts as hosted dated that requires 24 hours, 365 day uptime, where a single packet of data loss could spell disaster to your database?

Do start-ups have the experience to deal with your mission critical data?  Have you gone to visit some of the data centres that are hosted behind dry-walls, wooden doors, and standard building power supplies and legacy UPS systems that make more noise than a server about to explode!

ISP’s by the hundreds are all building their own data centres, but do their facilities provide the security, stability and infrastructure expenditure to make then a specialist at such offerings.  They are experts at networks, but do they understand how hard drives and storage devices work to be optimised to give you the most amazing speed and processing power to blow your socks off, as what virtual technology is all about in its terms of delivery?

So why CipherWave?

CipherWave started as a start-up and re-invested in itself and learnt over the past decade on how to protect data, recovery data, secure data and replicate data in the fastest possible and most redundant methods that are available today.  The last 10 years have been spent researching, developing and exploring methods of data storage, and how to provide the market what the market needed.  Today, we stand as one of the most successful companies on the continent, having placed on the various components of security, network availability, data replication and encompassed them all in the first of its kind category 5 secure data vault (CipherVault™) that today sets the standard for many other service providers as a benchmark for high availability, data security and redundancy, with networks that always have spare capacity for when you need it the most.

CipherWave personalises each of your needs and requirements and builds an offering to save you time and give you the best solution available for each Rand as compared to our competitor offering.  This is our success.  How we do this is our business and expertise.  As a client, your single most important requirements is Your Data, and Your Uptime and your performance per Rand.  Cornerstone to our company offering is our simple yet eloquent statement:

Your Data. Our Expertise.

Ask Yourself: Where would I store my most valuable infrastructure and have the best performance and can expect the service I require?  The answer should be simple.